When Should You Not Do Your SEO In-House?

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When you should do and not do your SEO by yourself? A question every digital entrepreneur or new-age marketer faces during the phases of hustling with sales and aiming for higher business growth.

To be able to establish a substantial online presence and build a user acquisition channel, businesses need to depend on SEO.

Organic growth takes time and thus SEO demands regular and long-term efforts. In a real-world scenario, you may not have the needed expertise to deal with every changing facet of search marketing, and organic reach may be a tough bet for you.

Or opposed to that, you may have an online marketing setup in place and you may possess the needed exposure for search engine optimization. Professionals are working with you who have fair knowledge and expertise in handling SEO projects. And more than anything you have a budget for employing a full-time team of SEO professionals to serve your search engine optimization goals at scale.

But, in the real world, the decision of choosing to do SEO by yourself or with the help of an expert is not that easy.

As you would like to figure out what works best in your case, you would like to go through real-world scenarios to have a clear stand on whether to do SEO by yourself or involve an SEO company for the job. Here are the most common scenarios:

Scenario 1: You are new to the field of SEO

You are new to the field of SEO

If you haven’t started yet or have not been there for a while, you must find SEO a whole new and a sure difficult thing to do. So, if you are not confident enough to perform the in-house audit and build an optimization plan for your website, you should go with professional help. Doing the right research and putting up with the right plan is of prime importance here and you should not leave it to the matter of luck or trial. Also, if you think you know about doing it on your own but you see things turning too complex in the course of development, you should always choose to get experts to take over the charge of it.

Scenario 2: You are already doing SEO, but not sure what’s next

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This is a troubling situation. This gets many business owners and marketers to waste their valuable time waiting for the next best turnarounds without being sure of the latest search engine performance and growth factors. As simple as this, if you think you have a fully-functional team to help you discover the latest SEO trends and ideas, you should go with them. If you think it is going to be a time-killing blind chase as your team’s expertise and knowledge of SEO are all consumed fully, you should move on to expert help.

Scenario 3: You have a big game plan on top of the ongoing SEO practices

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If your project demands expansion and there are more actionable roles to join in, your existing plans and practices may get affected due to the added load. You should never go overboard with handling search engine optimization for new projects or extended plans. Concentrate on what you are doing already aim at better results around it and leave the rest to a professional search engine optimization agency. This should get you the best value and optimum results with SEO in any given situation or format of business.

Scenario 4: Your user traffic is falling and you don’t know why

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Well, this is a dreadful situation and you should get over it at the earliest. What is the apt solution? Just one! Get an expert to deal with it and find a way out of it. You may be in a situation of a hack threat or you might have just missed on to deliver as per the search engine’s guidelines and have been penalized for it. It could also be because you have been radically sifted off from the search positions because of the new search engine policies and algorithms that worked against your favor. You would not like to take the risk on that for sure. So, just let experts take the charge of it as soon as possible.

Scenario 5: You need to set up a reporting system

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You may be handling the SEO action plan well but that doesn’t always mean you have enough expertise and the needed resources to analyze performance and measure results. This would require you to have a compliant SEO reporting system in place. You have to appoint reporting tools and practicing frameworks to get you comprehensive and accurate updates of your SEO performance and get you to read and depict trends across the project’s action events, application sources, and functional timelines.

Scenario 6: You do not have QA support in place

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Various issues may arise in the process of SEO that requires a close check and regular supervision to maintain the quality and hygiene of the entire exercise. If you have QA experts with you who are well-equipped with the required skills have access to QA tools and can perform quality and performance checks on SEO, you can do it yourself. But, in case you do not have the required resources and skills to perform appropriate quality checks you may require expert help from a professional SEO services agency.

Scenario 7: Accelerate your SEO throughput

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The time you start building up on your SEO plan, you realize that the goal you initiated is no longer working as per your evolved requirements and you need to expand it further. You may need to scale your value propositions and target a larger number of users now. This is where you need to increase your momentum and accelerate your performance output to gain faster and better results with your extended SEO growth plan. If you think you can put in the extra force to further amplify the results, you can do it by yourself. If it is beyond your functional capability and proficiency, you should choose to go with professional help.

Take your charge

As you judge all the parameters and identify your needs along with the possibilities you have at your disposal you should be able to decide to do your SEO in-house or with the help of a professional agency. This will get you to take the right direction and opt for the right course of action to get you the most favorable results with your SEO.

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