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Pinterest is one platform that has risen to significant popularity over the decade and has seen a graph of growth like other top-rated media platforms. Over the period, the image-sharing social media application has always grown to serve users with better image sharing choices and networking features. A business, artist, or a professional can choose to upload their work in the form of a video or image in different formats and stack them up on pinboards.

Pinterest allows you to have access to the most active networking groups of media users. You can set your audience selection parameters by picking from different attributes setting your business objective and marking your intention behind the campaign. This platform has the potential to effectively pass on your word of offering reaching out to the right audience and convert the most business value out of it.

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It always works for you when you take the right initial lead. To get your campaign to deliver results for you, you need to select the audience goals and setting the ad targets right.

Going with our expertise at handling paid promotion campaigns on Pinterest, we get you to perfectly define your promotional goals, build ROI-focused marketing plans, reach out to the right audiences, capture more leads, and meet your end goals by picking up the right promotional track for you.

Going with the right plan for ads we set campaigns that best connect with your target users and make them well respond to your communication. All this includes choosing the right keywords, creating an attention-grabbing pin image, setting up a powerful CTA, propping up effective ad communication, and passing on the message clearly, to make sure you have the most traction and favorable response from the attempt. Executing this with well-planned series of campaigns build on a targeted communication plan across phases and funnels of marketing, this goes far in getting you great results with Pinterest Paid Marketing.


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Account Audit and Optimization

It all starts with checking your account’s health and optimizing it referring to a combination of functional checkpoints and performance factors. To get it working at an ideal performance mode.

Trend-Sensitive Campaigns

Keeping close with the latest platform trends we come up with the choice of ads and communication plans that connects you with your audiences well.

High-ROI Campaigns

Our Pinterest Paid Marketing services aim at creating ads going with a series of testing and approvals to get the best performing campaigns with the least cost involved.

Serving Your Case

Picking your agenda of Pinterest marketing we design ads, campaign plans, and communication structures to fulfil your branding and user acquisition goals.

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Putting you up closer with your professional user acquisition goals!

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Pinterest Paid Marketing Services Highlights

Pinterest Ads Aiming at Incredible Business Growth

  • A seasoned kid’s furniture and furnishing business approached us to target HNI parents who have kids of 3-10 years. Our paid promotions strategy was clear and we got a great hold of it right from the beginning. We built the ads to bring parent’s attention more towards the safety, durability, and value of the products. Promoting these as the frontline attributes along with precisely selected product themes. This worked well and the results were overwhelming and the traction broke all records they usually get from PPC ads.
  • A health club wanted to conduct an audit of their existing Pinterest account and run an analytically-driven campaign for their online fitness program. The target that was set to get them a 5x app installation and tripled revenue through a 12-week of aggressive social media promotions. And this was achieved as scheduled keeping the track of comprehensive profile growth.
  • An arts & crafts business from Argentina got to feature their art-inspiration pins for home improvement and acquire business leads through targeted promotions. The result was visible on their Pinterest metrics itself which was clearly depicted by the media scores growing in all directions.

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