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Of all display listings that get you a presence on search engine results, Google Shopping Ads is known to offer the most direct conversions. Just as you enter a keyword on the Google search bar to fetch search results you see these ads on top of the SERP listing with the items of articles matching the search query displayed to reveal a row of image-showcased results.

With e-commerce on the rise, this choice of paid-listing is making a big stir in the online advertising landscape. As the need to get product results shown in the form of merchandised display is getting more relevant to help retailers utilize search results for consumer shopping.

Google Shopping Ads (also known as Product Listing Ads) can be harnessed to its full potential by going with the right shopping campaign. You have to figure out the cost-to-bid value with the help of merchant center data feeds. Here, optimizing your ads gets you to have the most profit with your ads placed on the display. Going with an experienced Google Shopping Ad agency or a PLA expert can get you the maximum value by posting your ads and getting an optimum response from them.

Getting expert help with Google Shopping Ads

At ESage Digital, we have leading expertise serving businesses with shopping ads. We have been responsible for creating a cohesive stream of customer acquisition for businesses from different verticals and segments of online product selling.

Aiming at the most favorable results we do detailed research of your business and the product line before getting you ready for an all-star showcase-selling stint with Google. Here, we work on shopper specific queries optimizing shopping feeds while devising a plan to get you the highest ranking on ad searches.

Offering Product Listing Ads services, we make sure you have the most of Google’s agreement to get visible to people searching for your products with experts doing the right job for you. Doing this, we aim at configuring and structuring the Google Ad campaign right.

In the process, we combine smart strategies and action plans to get the most value out of the shopping ads. This takes into account the right ad creation and implementation techniques leveraging the customer match data. Which goes on to include geo-targeting modifiers, getting competitive auction insights, including merchant promotions with the ads, adding remarketing layers with RLSA campaigns and optimizing actions by regularly tracking the performance across various shopping categories and instances.


Achieving the best Ad Campaign Metrics

Our Google Shopping Campaigns are designed to get you the most validating customer encounters

Tiered Campaign Structure

Your campaigns are created with critical actionable data and insights to form rewarding bid and budget structures that get you to scale your ad performance to get incremental returns.

Optimized Product Feed

Shopping ads enriched with evocative, keyword-fed content for titles and descriptions to make it deliver perfect query matches to serve searches optimally.

Granular Targeting and Bidding

Working on profit-potential bidding strategies tactically using Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs) to get you a unique and precise bidding structure for each product and category.

Ad Testing and Optimization

Your campaign goes through critical phases of testing and approvals and is optimized for visual merchandizing and user engagement at multiple levels to make it deliver high returns.

Shopper-Sensitive Ads that get you Overwhelming Results!

Leaving an impact and persuading your customers into buying all-time big with you.

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Google Shopping Ads Services Highlights

Helping clients with getting the best value with Google Shopping Ads

  • An e-commerce portal dealing in mobile accessories and electronic communication devices witnessed a rise in sales by $1.5 million served with cumulative efforts of paid marketing on social media and through Google Shopping Ads. The growth in the number of orders was over 800% with a 24.3% decrease in advertising cost per order comparing the first and the last quarter spanning a period of 15 months.
  • A gifting portal selling quirky college stuff was not getting enough leads and the sales were not picking up. We targeted selective audiences setting up campaigns with filters grouped along the audience who were actively buying from competitors. This got great results and the business started building a sustainable user base, which contributed to bigger sales figures.
  • Helped an organic photo frame manufacturer (in the business of online selling for 10 years) to optimize their PPC rate by identifying their online bestsellers and establishing the most responsive and active audience groups through a series of experimental testing and analytical study of ads.

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