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When you have plans to cover a wider search landscape going beyond the mainstreams, you have the best choice reserved with Microsoft Advertising. The Pay-per-click designed advertising service allows you to access users on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL searches which are active web search streams standing viably alongside Google.

The users who use Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer get as their default search engine and it has its own set of devoted users. And these have a dominating presence and role in the US market. As you choose to advertise with Microsoft Network Partners, you get to be on the search network that receives over 9.6 billion searches every month. This makes Microsoft Ads an effective option to go with to register sustainable reach with engine searches and every progressive business invests in it.

Getting the Most of Microsoft Advertising with ESage Digital!

At ESage Digital, we get you to achieve the best value through Microsoft advertising allowing you to get maximum coverage of users through Bing, Yahoo, and AOL searches. Having served many businesses from different operative niches and industry segments to achieve a parallel search network presence, we are capable of allowing you great value through a holistic advertising approach.

Microsoft Advertising gets you to access high authority ad networks to reach out to audiences beyond the highly competitive Google search network. It allows you great audience filtering tools and campaign selection techniques to reach out to the right set of audiences with cost-effective PPC ads.

Our experts get you to deal with the Microsoft ads proposition most effectively. We design campaigns and create ads to connect you with your network of users within your budget with increased transparency and higher returns. To make sure you are well-received and responded to by the target users everywhere on Microsoft search network and get your paid search network ad goals achieved most bindingly.


Microsoft Advertising getting you Higher Search Visibility

Served by the best practices of designing search ad campaigns that deliver results

Capitalizing on the lesser-cost competition

While most marketers are just busy with Google AdWords, we get you to dig out most opportunities at a lesser cost of engagement and way lesser competition with Bing Ads.

More than just Bing

Microsoft Ads are not just Bing Ads. With this service, you get access to AOL and Yahoo searches through an expansive coverage of network-owned and partner sites.

Increased Transparency

Entrusting your paid promotions with us means you will always be kept in the loop of the creative and reporting process as transparently as possible.

Utilizing Powerful Tools

Working on the most authoritative tools that get you to perform better allowing you to claim an extensive network access and audience reach.

Expert Microsoft Advertising Services for Your Business

To get you the most validating reach through the less claimed networks

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Microsoft Advertising Services Highlights

Watch for the Most Rewarding Paid Search Results

  • Served and validated the online search authority of an online electronic gadget business operating in the USA. They were able to reach 33% of the share of search ad traffic beyond Google’s periphery. Here advanced targeting tools and specified audience segments helped us to drive high-quality Thanksgiving Day traffic to the site allowing them a wholistic festive coverage for gadget sale.
  • An on-demand food delivery business was facing harsh competition in Google searches. The AdWords bid amounts were too high and the cost-per-acquisition was on the much higher side. We diverted the campaign to Microsoft network of ads applying selective audience cloud and the business achieved 4-time more audience reach for half the amount invested.
  • A musical instrument manufacturer in Canada wanted to connect with users across the USA through Bing Ads. The ad campaigns targeting resellers in the area dwelled on registration events and brand building. They received 57 qualified form entries against 750 users landing on the page at a CTR of 5.56%. Eventually, the company bagged 12 resellers at different locations growing their business twofold at an ad spend of less than USD 1000.

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