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Among various methods of paid ads, PPC is an assured quick way to target your audiences. You get the most eligible set of users with a high chance of getting connected and converted. A right display ad with precise targeting can help you generate a great response with high-paying visits, leads, and conversions.

But, there is this real money involved and a wrong choice at user targeting or goal-setting can cost you heavily. And that’s where we come to your rescue as an expert PPC management company. Going with our PPC services led by best of industry professionals, you can be assured of the best results – gaining quality leads with optimized coverage. With years of specialized experience with Pay-Per-Click advertising and PPC management services, we know the trick to get you the best PPC closures in your budget.

Why Should I Invest In PPC?

A rule of thumb in digital marketing – you need to go with both organic and paid approaches in close tandem to get the best results with your efforts. No one method would ever reap you comprehensive results.

As you sustain and grow in the long run with the organic approach, while you make immediate trade-offs and get an accelerated reach with the paid traffic. You can’t keep your funnels waiting till you start getting a response from the organic cloud. PPC fills this gap keeping you served with the much-needed traffic flow and keeps your acquisition goals met.

And, 90% of the businesses we know, acknowledge to have gained greater value in return and have continued with their campaigns, as it always adds to your competitive strength. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider PPC as your first generic paid marketing method:


A Few Facts About PPC

  • PPC gets a higher conversion rate than any other form of advertisement
  • The Top-of-the-fold Ads Get 40% More Clicks
  • Over 50% of users who click on PPC Ads hit the call button
  • As per Google, 95% ad clicks are registered on mobile
  • PPC is immune to Search Engine Algorithm Updates

Why Choose ESage Digital For PPC Services?

We keep you served with a complete PPC perspective to
drive your digital scores in your budget.

Revenue-driven Approach

Our expert PPC drives involve most perceptive campaigning methods and approaches that can help you achieve higher ROIs in your functional area!

Effective Reporting

Keeping you updated with the latest market and competitor trends and the position tracking and performance insights. Topped with the next strategies and plans!

Campaign Collateral

We make sure that your audience lands on the right content that converts. Thinking and designing great landing pages and ad copies that work for you phenomenally.

Bid Management

We keep it tracked and managed at every level by implementing regular performance checks and result monitoring with pro manual bid management.

Our PPC Services Highlights

How We Helped Our Clients With
Our PPC Services

  • With our expert PPC services, we reduced Cost Per Order/CPA of our Online Furniture Retail Chain client in the US by 30% in first 3 months.
  • Increased the overall traffic of a fashion e-commerce store, while bringing down the ad spends by 33%
  • Registered higher impression rate registering a YoY growth for an on-demand food service, without changing the Pay-Per-Click budget
  • Increased the click-through rate three times of an ad group from 2.79% to 7.36% through ad text optimization.
  • Achieved campaign quality score average of 8, which provided a 45% lower cost per click (CPC) with high conversion volume for a hyper-local event hosting service.
  • As per Statista, companies spent $106.5 billion on search advertising globally in 2019

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