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Facebook is a growing social sphere. You have a lot of opportunities lying ahead of you if you do Facebook promotions following the right tactics. You have to bring the right plans and ideas together keeping your Facebook marketing plans working with the right balance and a precise proportion of paid and organic efforts. Aiming at the most favorable engagements and tractions across the network.

Doing this right, you need to plan your Facebook campaign effectively through Facebook Ad Manager. This is an immersive tool to work on and create the promotional ads that help you reach your audiences across the Facebook network of platforms. Here, a lot depends on how you select your audience cloud and plan your ad events. This requires targeting the users based on their profile background and doing an optimum demographic and geographic selection. You can select from a host of ad practices and models that are programmed to maximize returns amplifying paid marketing traction across different performance categories.

Getting the Best Results with Facebook Paid Marketing

At ESage Digital, we have been helping businesses and individuals to achieve the highest cut-offs of paid performance and growth accomplishing their platform goals. Our approach ditches overused ideas and drained formulas of paid marketing over the network. We are always in a hyper-adaptation mode and keep our practices aligned with the right approaches to make campaigns that deliver the best of results serving your perspective of growth. And that’s what makes us different than mediocre agencies that keep doing the same stuff with every business every time.

We can serve your business catering to its core agenda. Getting you the highest value in ad performance to serve your objective across all factors and formats of social measurements like platform reach, user traffic, audience engagement, lead acquisition, and value conversions.

This keeps an account of the purpose and plan that you have with Facebook Paid Marketing, as we keep you uniquely served to achieve optimum value through the prolific social platform.


Facebook Promotions on a Thriving Pace

Built on the right paid plan of social promotions

Full-funnel Targeting

Your Facebook Paid Ad campaign sees a dynamic role of targeting across different marketing funnels and engagement plans.

Aligned to Serve Your Business

Designing campaigns that best serve your case. Built on the right selection of audiences and plans of promotions that tag back to your business agenda.

Keeping Budget on Track

We are always watchful and go with a cohesive plan to keep your budget right on track. Assuring you of the best value from the invested money.

Measurable Performance

We keep our working tuned with all the practical measures of analysis and reporting and serve you with transparent performance data that well depicts your progress.

Bidding on the Most Authoritative Paid Tactics of Media Marketing

To get you the Most Accomplishing Facebook Turnouts.

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Facebook Paid Marketing Services Highlights

Putting Businesses on a Hyper-Digital Promotion Mode

  • A traditionally operated garment manufacturing business was brought into the Facebook limelight with precisely targeted campaigns. This included a series of connected efforts that were built on an aggressive tactical plan of paid marketing to build a viable platform presence and a sustainable user base for the business achieving a fluid initial growth.
  • A travel agency business in Florida wanted to promote business online, planning expansion in the nearby areas. We did a 5-factor analysis of the business based on the attributes of Location, Demographics, Behavior, Interest, and Age to create the Facebook promotion strategy targeting local audiences. Depending on it we created the ads and set the campaigns and helped the business establish their presence in different cities demonstrating effective online presence and engagement with the users in those areas.
  • With our expertise at planning social campaign events, we helped a packaged juice business to explore better avenues on social media through Facebook and Instagram promotions. We helped them with getting a great user response through paid engagement posts, promotional ads, and sponsored stories. The result was 40x user traffic on their website and 5x conversions that grew at a rate of 200% every month since the promotions took-off.

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