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Google Discovery Ads are a progressive way to interface with the search page shopper with high-quality ad feeds that maintain a delightful personalized relevance with user searches.

Discovery Ads allow advertisers to put up with a highly appealing and engaging product showcasing event for your audiences. These categories of ads are an evolved way of media advertising serving the mobile framework of display and presentation.

All Google-owned apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google app form an innate search platform for these ads.

At ESage Digital we are capable of delivering the best of Google Discovery transitions by keeping the approach aligned and focused on your core element. In this attempt of getting you the best results with Discovery ads, we do an algorithmic optimization through the setting-up phase to the learning and performance phase of your campaign that is designed to serve your business bottom line.

Here we get to target the mobile audience most grippingly with a well-appointed and highly engaging responsive display-sequence of adverts. These are created to follow the quality presentation guidelines of Google and focus on grabbing high attention towards the scheme of visuals that is aesthetically appealing and contextually relevant. All this aims at achieving high-performing metrics that are served by an overwhelming click and impression rate that drive a higher KPI output for your business.

Getting the best value with Google Discovery Ads

Always hitting it right to grab the best response from Google’s network of adverts

Budget within your Control

You can set your discovery campaign budget going with your scope and range of advertising. Keeping your budget defined and allocated to be spent as per your consent and control.

Google Experts at Work

You are served by the team of certified Google experts who know how to get you the most of online advertising worth going with targeted engagement.

Focused on Your Objective

We keep our efforts directed towards getting you the results that serve your advertising goals spanning across traffic generation, brand building, to user acquisition.

Serving the Bottomline

We work on creating ads that effectively communicate and resonate with the audiences and get them to connect with the business bottomline.

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Google Discovery Ads Services Highlights

Making the Best Moves Towards Fetching the Optimum Audience Response

  • A Jewelry retail brand was helped with creating a personalized appearance through high-quality discovery ads for their featured collection of precious gemstone jewelry. Getting them an unmatched reach and high recognition value with perfectly planned and well-presented ads targeting the right set of audiences.
  • With our leading expertise in reading Google’s machine learning and great knowledge of marketing tactics, we achieve a high response for an Australian architect on all Google properties. This allowed them to have ten-fold success with their Discovery campaigns that targeted inbound calls from corporate property owners.
  • Got a 40% growth on mobile purchases and a 120% rise in in-app traction that shot up the conversion actions served by cross-campaign efforts with Discovery Ads delivering maximum performance shifts.

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