Going with the Right Plan of Paid Social Marketing

Social media is no more as simple and straight as it has always been for users. With the growing user base and activity frequency, social media platforms are getting more discerning and closed by offering you access and space to connect with the audiences. They are doing this by defining algorithmic restrictions and keeping the networking layered through a schematic practice of platform communication and audience penetration.

To be able to get the access privileges and make the most of the platform coverage you need to ‘boost’ your posts and do paid marketing. This is where the idea of paid advertising is becoming an active part of social media promotions.

But, with real money getting involved, you have to be cautious and assertive with your efforts and keep your approach well-directed and aligned with your goals thinking of adequate returns. So, as you do this, you have to have the back of experts who can support you with planning, creating, executing, and optimizing your paid social media ad campaigns and assure you of the most benefiting returns serving your objective of advertising.

Get the Professional Help of Paid Media Experts

You can expect the professionals at ESage Digital to get you the right social advertising results, running paid ads to keep your purpose served right. Here, you will be helped with everything from identifying your goal and building a plan around that. This includes working on the ROI factor and aligning with the brand proposition and audience goals to get you the right solution with your paid advertising efforts.

You are helped with professional campaign planning for user engagement, traffic acquisition, catalog marketing, brand reach, and conversions. Which is done with the help of a detailed inspection of your profile and competitive and trend analysis. And keeping it tuned with your budget and goal of investment, we get you to achieve your goals most effectively.


Your Social Media Ads on the Beast Mode

Served through the right paid media strategies and plans for your Business.

Aligned with Your Budget

We make it work with your budget keeping it planned to work operably across campaigns and phases. Keeping a track of your project investment and budgetary goals.

Quality Lead Targets

Your advertising campaigns are set to create a channel of promotions that get you quality leads that have high chances of conversion.

No-obligation Engagement

With us, you do not have to worry about long-term binding contracts. Get into the flexible service plan that matches your need for engagement suiting your budget and advertising bandwidth.

Detailed Reporting

You get to have regular updates about the progress through detailed reporting that includes comparative analysis, growth numbers, descriptive graphs, and projection maps.

Assure yourself of higher Social Growth with Paid Ads

Have more immediate and direct control with reaching out to your users.

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Social Media Paid Ads Services Highlights

Allowing Businesses to Achieve Significant Growth Through Paid Ads

  • Created a data-driven social media strategy suited for the niche audience of an organic clothing brand in the UK. This included ideation, budgeting, ad creation, execution, and conversion rate optimization to get them to achieve their growth goals that got stagnant after a certain point of implementing strategic and organic growth efforts.
  • A wildlife photography unit needed to project their work and popularize their profile on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. They wanted to build strong social proof within a time of 4 months to eligibly pitch for a big OTT documentary project. We planned and served them within half of the planned budget and with on-time results.
  • A business with a $100 weekly budget was looking to generate leads through a hyper-dense B2B model. We worked around segregated funnel and sequenced engagement plans targeted towards a comprehensive campaign picking an audience group that took in-depth research and a series of ad testing experiments to achieve cost-effective results.

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