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YouTube happens to the first viably known and most celebrated video sharing platform we have around today. It is also dubbed as one of the biggest OTT platforms that have over 2-billion logged-in monthly users as of today.

The major reasons behind this popularity are higher user acceptance rate, better media engagement value, and consistent technological growth in the segment. Supporting the reasons, there is a report stating the fact that more than 60% of users prefer to go with video over any other form of media. And this number is continuously growing to further replace the existing share of other media types, as high-speed internet and better video streaming technology is becoming accessible to users worldwide.

The simple reason, why would you put more time and effort into reading and interpreting something when you have a more interactive and effortless way of doing it through a video, which also lasts in memory for long.

And if you talk about doing it the best way possible, it makes sense doing it with YouTube. If you are operating online with a plan to reach out to the digital audience, it is a must for you to be active on YouTube and carve a striking presence and prominent reach to be easily spotted by the target audience on the platform. And one most effective and authoritative way to do this is going with YouTube SEO.

How ESage Digital can help?

At ESage Digital, we are all set to get you the most gainful reeling authority for you on YouTube. With us, you can get a vast video media reach as you get more visible on video searches. This allows you to gain greater video engagement tapping your target audiences going with the right keyword planning, traffic generation, and user funnel strategy.

Here, you are going to make the most of it with our advanced YouTube SEO practices that take the most refined approach and tactically profuse choices of building optimization programs to best serve your channel reach and authority.

We do this by formulating the SEO plan with the right mix of audience research, channel optimization, video optimization, video syndication, community management, ads optimization, and strategic content development, and performance evaluation and validation. So, you have everything about YouTube SEO inclusively covered to serve you with holistic results.


Why choose eSage Digital for YouTube SEO Services?

We set the right base and velocity for you to take-off your channel searches.

Going with the YouTube AI

We take up the practices to respond to YouTube’s AI that refers to contextual search relevance and user behavioral patterns to suggest results.

Right Audience Selection

We do a precise selection of target audience working on attribute clouds and keyword matrix to design ad campaigns that get you the best response from YouTube promotions.

Performance-driven Approach

Your success for YouTube optimization is tracked through the performance metrics for watch time, subscribers, engagement, recommendations, and platform revenues.

Sustainable Results

With our quality practices in building backlinks and creating content with the right keyword selection and channel optimization plan, we get you sustainable long-term results.

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Our YouTube SEO Services Highlights

How we have helped businesses with our proficient YouTube SEO Services:

  • Helped a fitness coaching channel to boost their presence on YouTube by optimizing videos, playlists, metadata, descriptions, and campaigns allowing them to get higher search rank on the platform.
  • With our well-appointed strategies and techniques, we worked on the core process of optimization for a B2B client offering video presentation services to different businesses. We have been supporting them in everything they need around YouTube promotions as their video media optimization service partner.
  • Served an online automobile venture and helped them with getting on top of the first-page video results with 5 premium service keywords. They received an overwhelming response that translated into 5 lakh views, 12k likes, and 3.1k new subscribers for their YouTube channel.

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