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According to a Statista report, E-commerce registered around $2.3 trillion in sales and is expected to hit a whopping $4.5 trillion by 2021. Clearly, e-commerce is growing at a radical pace. You have every business segment and product niche covered by e-commerce at all extents and scopes. Traditional businesses are taking over to their online counterparts. New ideas are being aggressively built around online commerce.

With the boom in mobile technology and the growth of internet services ecosystem, people have been using their devices to explore the online world, they are developing trust and familiarity with online businesses. Online transaction and buying are a common scenario across B-town cities and remote areas. And this is making big opportunities flare up into the online space.

E-CommerceWebsite Development Company Empowering Growth

As a leading player in the segment and with e-commerce as our flagship service domain, we can provide you a full-feature solution built on latest technologies. We have hands-on experience building solutions on platforms like Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc.

As a trend-leading e-commerce website development company, we have our services backed by advanced practices, latest resources and apt exposure to serve you with authentic e-commerce development services. This is where we assure you of getting a flawless and stimulating digitally-integrated e-commerce product – perfectly suiting your idea and entity of service Read More.

With our extensive experience building e-commerce websites and portals, we have served different business models ranging from B2B E-commerce, B2C E-commerce, Marketplaces, Dropshipping businesses, Wholesaling and warehousing, Private labeling and manufacturing, and Subscription platforms.

Over the time of a decade, we have empowered our 500+ clients with varied solutions build with advanced e-commerce feature line-up and resource facilities ranging across mobile commerce, multilingual, multi-currency, dynamic product catalogs, easy checkout, reports and analytics, social integration, and third-party APIs. Ensuring a performance-driven full-feature e-commerce coverage for your beloved digital store idea.

If you are looking for an e-commerce web design company or an e-commerce web development company to serve you with customized online stores built on robust service base and custom features to address your idea of online commerce, eSage Digital is your one-stop e-commerce website development agency serving every aspect of modern e-commerce empowered by a great support and up-time value.


Latest facts about e-commerce:

  • E-commerce is expanding beyond standard shopping format to be omnichannel, voice commerce and media integrated commerce, to far impact the growth in the segment.
  • Regarded as the most active set of users online, 67% of millennials and 56% of Gen Xers choose online shopping over the traditional modes.
  • As per the latest reports, B2B e-commerce sales will reach 1.184 trillion dollars by 2021, in the US alone.
  • Over 60% of e-shoppers have purchased from international providers since the beginning of 2019.

Why Choose Esage Digital For E-Commerce

We offer market-ready e-commerce website development services tailored
to suit your preferences.

All-equipped e-commerce

Every feature and module that you can think of, taking shape of your inclusive e-commerce idea, in a scalable and robust product entity.

Bold and beautiful

Well-defined solutions with winning UI/UX ideas and expressive shopping cart traits that hold the best of e-store services factors and concepts together.

User-friendly reception

No-brainer engagements, auto-suggestions, deep-drill searches, smart filters, and smooth navigation flow, makes your product loved by users.

SEO-optimized pages

Aiming at the optimum response from organic searches, we keep everything tuned with expert Search Engine Optimization plans and practices.

Everything E-commerce Development Covered

How We Helped Our Clients With Our
E-Commerce Website Development And Promotion Services

  • Conceptualized, designed, and developed a full-fledged fashion marketplace with all leading features and service factors. The right product plan and regular efforts with promotions helped the business rope in 500+ vendors and marketers to their market ecosystem.
  • Built a huge e-commerce portal with over 40+ categories and 150+ sub categories for an upholstery business in the USA. With constant digital marketing efforts, the traffic of the website went from a 4-figure to a 6-figure user base in a time of 2.5 years.
  • Built a cross-platform e-commerce app for a healthcare business. For which the total user sessions increased by almost 30% in the first year of the campaign and grew at a rate of 13.34% in the second year.
  • SEO initiatives drove quality site traffic for an electronic e-commerce portal, as new users increased by over 40% in the first year, followed by a 20.15% growth in the second.

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