Technical SEO is at the core of every SEO project

When you plan to optimize your site for search engines, you need to first make sure you fully meet the technical requirements to serve your organic search goals. Even before you plan your keywords and the practices that go along to feed search engines, you need to make sure that everything at the back of it is functionally compliant and technically tuned to serve the anatomy of searches.

This is where Technical Search Engine Optimization plays a key role in keeping everything technically working for apt and sustainable results. Here, technical SEO experts address the issues of technical compliance and validation that includes looking into the factors of web crawling, web indexing, website architecture, and page rendering, and other issues that are technically pivotal for the right implementation and execution of the SEO practices that follow. Going with the right Technical SEO Services, you can attain fuller perspective of search optimization to get you dependable results in the long run. As a seasoned Technical SEO Company, we are able to serve businesses with a strong SEO base that gets them to have high surety of results from their SEO endeavor.

How ESage Digital can help?

At ESage Digital, our team of technical SEO experts is well-versed with the latest practices and techniques that surround the idea of technical optimization SEO most plausibly. As we work on Technical Search Engine Optimization to seek search engine credits and agreements, we focus on all these issues while working on various security, performance, and quality factors. This allows us to get a strong and compliant base to work on SEO plans and get success with search engine program drives.

We are a Technical SEO Agency that keeps its approach exclusive to each project. We address project-based needs referring to business-specific SEO requirements. In this process, we take clients through business-critical approach that involves specialists from all departments to collaboratively work towards the solution aiming at comprehensive results for their business. Our team of expert Google certified SEO analysts, technical SEO consultants, on-page optimizers, and reporting executives, makes sure your project takes the right course of action and meets the right plans to achieve optimum results in time.

Ensuring you a fuller spectrum of service, we cover every aspect of technical optimization going far and beyond the issues of crawling and indexing. Our actions here take into account everything from tuning-up and optimizing Javascript, URL Structure, XML Sitemaps, structured data, page speed, canonical tags, Hreflang, redirects, and content from a whole technical perspective.

Why choose eSage Digital for Technical SEO Services

We are a team of technical mavens adopting the most stringent practices to ensure none of the technical SEO aspects remain unserved.

Authentic techniques

Applying the techniques that are based on proven and tested methods, we make sure that you get to see assured and sustainable results.

Best value services

Our Technical SEO services are meant to deliver the most value by engaging the best resources, practices, and plans to keep you technically served for SEO.

Recognized business

We are an SEO agency accredited and trusted by prestigious institutions and organizations like Google that lead the domain with technology innovation.

Business-friendly plans

You can select from easy engagement plans and service options that get you to have the most value with technical SEO within your budget.

Proficient Technical SEO Services

Building a strong SEO base that gets you the highest search privileges!

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Our Technical SEO Services Highlights

How we have helped businesses with Technical Search Engine Optimization

  • Helped a 400-pager men’s essentials e-commerce website to get an organized site structure and get rid of indexing clutter they encountered for long. Which helped it gaining technical leverage to gain higher search scores.
  • A business that struggled for search exposure for a couple of years was audited and diagnosed with severe scripting and structuring issues. These were resolved to get them a high search engine relevance score which was followed by a 500% growth in keyword ranking by the second quarter of engagement.
  • Worked on web components and web optimization issues to get an online apparel store to achieve greater technical compliance followed by higher ranks on Google SERPs. This got the business to acquire 36% higher leads and incremental conversions through the same platform base as earlier.

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