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YouTube is growing big every minute passing. The phenomenon is much relevantly spelled by Cisco as ‘video onslaught’. As they experienced massive growth in video traffic with over 78% of internet traffic choosing to go for video media over any other format or mode of content over the last couple of years. A collective study over the user behavior called ‘5-PM analytics’ clearly pointed that the traffic on video platforms grows at a ramping pace in the evening hours and this is completely driven by personal choices if viewership that may relate with entertainment, information, expert insights, or ideas.

This made it clear that other than the routine screen engagements and work-related requirements, users are searching for and consuming online content more in the form of videos.

As an early mover and frontrunner in the segment, YouTube clearly gets the edge over other providers and gets the highest user traction here. And it brings together and combines the best of features and platform services that utilize the effortless, interactive, and impactful content in the form of videos. And this is well utilizing the upsurge of high internet speed and growing culture of hand-held mobile devices that are influencing everyone to go for video content.

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The idea of marketing that goes into promoting a YouTube channel is different than any website or media profile marketing. You have to promote a different type of media asset that has different metrics of user engagement. Here, clicks, shares, likes, and subscriptions have their own measure of performance and these equations keep changing fast. As an expert YouTube marketing company, we know how to set your functional ground putting you up with a strong video media authority.

Our experts know where YouTube is moving and keep a close watch on growing numbers at platform, community, and channel level. We use advanced tools and established techniques to appoint and drive marketing agendas, execution strategies, performance parameters, and monitoring practices to get you to perform and skim out the most value through YouTube.

We keep our objectives driven towards achieving optimum value setting time-bound goals and aiming at measurable results. With that, we always look for perfection with everything we do from business research, keyword analysis, tagging, video transcription and sequencing, social promotions, tracking and optimizing performance, to finding results. As we assure you of achieving sure success with YouTube.


Top Agency Marketing Tactics that win you the YouTube Love! YouTube Love!

Making the use of the best of video wits to get you reeling big on YouTube.

High YouTube-Quotient

Our ability to diagnose and sense the niceties of YouTube gets us to understand the functional dynamics and traits of the platform most resourcefully.

The SMART Model

Following the SMART model of YouTube Marketing emphasizing Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound practices of video promotions.

The Right Mix of Content

Playing with the variations of video content through product videos, featured listicles, how-to videos, behind-the-scene flicks, in-the-making movies, client interviews,5 and testimonials.

Business-Specific Approach

Every effort that we put in to create and drive marketing programs for your YouTube channel follows a scheduled plan and goes as per a business-specific approach.

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YouTube Marketing Services Highlights

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  • A soccer event organizer wanted to shift most parts of its campaigns to video media. The need was to address and connect with the existing audience type with a more interactive and impacting communication that gets them in lines with in-trend networking. YouTube was the sweetest answer and we did a tactful job at winning them results taking their brand engagement to the next level.
  • An Instagram influencer needed to plug-in their social activities with YouTube podcasting going with a schematic marketing plan. They got to enhance their individual brand connecting with the lookalike audience groups in similar trait and interest categories. This allowed them a parallel channel of engagement that gave them 1000+ new subscribers, 5,00,000+ views and 15000+ engagement on their videos, and 5x growth in business inquiries in a time of 14 months.
  • An education hub in New Delhi, India was helped with creating a followership program through guided promotional events working on short training videos, advisory vlogs, course reviews, classroom tours, and student testimonials. Aimed at building brand image and capturing leads by increasing student traffic on their YouTube channel. The results they achieve got them to be a leading YouTube channel in their category.

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