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Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of digital marketing. It is the practice that is going to pay you in the long run. In an e-commerce business you have a broad range of product and service keywords that needs to be visible to your potential users through searches. To keep it on the top of search engine results you need to feed search engines with high quality, relevant content based on your business keywords. That’s the core of it. Everything else from writing titles and adding meta-tags to creating back-links follow the course.

We are among the leading e-commerce SEO service providers working on customized on-page and off-page strategies to help you reach top results on top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. As ecommerce SEO experts we know what works best in the modern day online commerce scenario in terms of creative a visible presence and how to channelize the online search practices and ranking schemes in favor of a business. To that, our SEO tactics and approaches take over the latest algo updates and authentic practices to help you achieve the best results for your e-commerce product in the least time.

Getting Best Results With
E-commerce SEO

SEO is your long game. It takes a lot to get great results with it. You need to create the right base with right keyword research and targeting seeing through the factors of relevance, search volume, and competition. All your results are based on how accurately your keyword research is being done. And this gets more intense in the case of e-commerce SEO as you have a large number of category and product pages to cater. You need to keep doing this relentlessly and with keen eyes on trends, behaviors and results.

You need to be doing on-page optimization right. With your title tags, meta descriptions, body content, alt attributes, URL structure, schema and markup done properly with the keywords injected right.

For an e-commerce site it is important to build an SEO-friendly information architecture and weave the pages through internal linking to achieve better results with search indexing and crawling. Better if you map your assets to specific keywords. This will get you more authority and credibility as an online commerce platform.

Apart from this of course, you have a sea of scope left in off-page SEO. Which starts by creating your presence on all leading social profiles like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Circulate and popularize these on bookmarking sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon. Keeping them flooded with regular contextually rich posts, with fresh and engaging content. Promote your website through aggressive guest blogging activities best applying the keywords that define your idea of e-commerce.

These activities should be always supported by a great loading speed of your website, mobile friendliness, ideal header response, strategic redirects, and an assured website health.

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency India, we are all-equipped with these ideas and practices and have implemented and replicated these many times in various business situations facing new challenges. We have a profound knowledge base and proven service track record behind us.

At ESage Digital , our lean approach helps us to tailor and classify services to best fit our client needs. To make sure your store achieves a high authority status as well as builds trust with users and search engines to register the finest results with e-commerce SEO.

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Why you need SEO?

  • As per the latest figures, there are 33 Million searches on Google every day. Makes for 100 Billion searches in a month.
  • Today, 71% of purchase decisions begin with an engine search.
  • 93% of all online experiences begin with engine searches. If its not a direct hit.
  • Search engine leads are 8.5 times more likely to close compared to any other standard outbound lead.
  • If done right, SEO can bring about 15% of conversions. That’s a big rate!

Why Choose ESage Digital for SEO Services?

Known as one of the best e-commerce SEO companies, we can get you the most
enduring SEO results with absolutely no service jerks.

Expert Ranking Strategies

As a Google Premier Partner, we keep up with the latest SEO updates and follow most assuring tactics to build expert ranking strategies.

Intense Custom Approach

We can deep-dive into your idea of e-commerce to accomplish your search engine optimization goals most effectively with intense custom approach!

Detailed Keyword Analysis

We are possibly the best people to drill-down to the finest of keyword research and analysis. Creating a strong base to fetch your business the best search results down the line.

Comprehensive SEO Reporting

At eSage IT, we follow a very refined practice of reporting and updates. Our SEO reports are well-formatted, detailed, transparent, and flawless.

Our SEO Services Highlights

How We Helped Our Clients With Our
SEO Services

  • Built the website following authentic SEO practices referring to the latest search performance standards. In a 6 months time it resulted in 300% increase in organic website clicks as compared to the initial 2 months activity.
  • Increased the overall traffic of a kid’s accessories e-commerce store, while increased the orders by 35% contributed by the combined efforts of perceptively designed UI/UX, SEO-optimized content, and targeted promotions.
  • Registered 84.26% boost in Organic Pageviews for a Grocery e-commerce site. This site was built on pro-domain standards with over 50+ interactive features that were neatly and strategically placed to reveal greater user response.

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