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YouTube leads the video media community since always. It happens to be one of the leading OTT platforms that gets the most benefit of the growing shift of users towards video content. The popularity and authority of the platform can be gauged with the fact that the platform has 1.9 billion registered users and is upheaved with 500 hours of videos every minute.

Owing to this popularity, YouTube Ads are becoming one great way to engage a large number of video audiences who get to consume more content in lesser time and turn out to be most responsive. No matter which segment or vertical of business you are dealing in, you are going to get the most effective and expressive way to market your product or service with the rightly done YouTube Advertising.

Getting professional help with this you can hire a YouTube Advertising agency like ESage Digital that can design your Ad strategy, create campaigns, and execute ads and optimize performance to fetch optimum results.

How ESage Digital can help with getting success with YouTube Advertising?

We are a company that keeps up with the latest online promotion trends. We are among the early adopters of YouTube video optimization techniques since the time when video media optimization just started fledging. We took significant leaps further finding winning results for our clients and built a reputation of top professional service in the domain.

With us, you can expect custom-crafted strategies to take over your plan of action with advertising on YouTube. We do this by digging around the data of audiences and targeting the right set of audiences with the right keyword planning and strategic funneling. Which involves planning communication themes, deciding on the campaign structure, preparing video assets, building the promotional roadmap, establishing advertising KPIs, monitoring the traction rate, evaluating performance, and optimizing ads, and working on the evolution plan.

While devising the execution plan, we keep the growth strategy in mind that combines video promotions with Gmail retargeting, Facebook Ads, Google Display, CRO, and Search Engine Marketing. With everything done with coordinated team efforts and fool-proof plan, pooling in cross-departmental expertise in online promotions. This allows us to go with a holistic approach to finding you the most value with your YouTube Advertising plan and serve you with a winning promotional agenda.


Stream Loud and Big on YouTube

Going with YouTube promotions most firmly, prominently, and lastingly.

Selective Audience Reach

Getting you to sharply and rightly penetrate audience groups that are selectively picked to match with your business persona and service offerings.

Full-funnel Ad Strategy

Building plans that cover every engagement stage and conversational layer of YouTube Advertising to get you to get maximum conversions across the funnel.

Well-directed Approach

Defining execution roadmaps and roles that aim at establishing a perfect line of action served with the right approach.

Work with Experts

Every part of your project is handled by a team of dedicated experts who are well-versed with every aspect of YouTube advertising.

Meeting your ends of YouTube Advertising!

With the most eligible tactics and ideas of video marketing

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YouTube Advertising Services Highlights

YouTube Ad specialist serving customers on demand

  • A sports management company needed to break big into the online space with targeted streaming. We created a customized promotion plan from scratch to get them a voluminous reach and engagement through strategically focused YouTube Ads.
  • We were approached by a graphic and video creation agency serving local Irish businesses to collaborate for serving their clients for Google and YouTube promotions. We have been successfully serving them as a YouTube Ads partner agency for 5 years and it is going stronger as a service alliance to achieve ever-expanding growth goals.
  • A client already knew that YouTube is a great platform to drive purchase decisions but they lacked the right plan and direction. We discussed with them about their business, promotional agenda, and consulted them for various advertising options and growth plans that can best serve their case. This got them to leverage on our long-held expertise in the domain and get benefited from YouTube’s prolific ad network.

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