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Over the last few years, videos have fast grown to change the way users consume content online. Video-sharing platforms like YouTube are acquiring the highest ever marks of active users. Social media sites and community forums are allowing users to add, share and consume content through high-streaming videos. Even messaging apps are now flooded with video content to offer users a more interactive, effortless and quick way of having content.

This is where the scenario of audience engagement and digital acquisition is changing. You need to place your content in the form of video to cover the most ground. By creating business pitches, product explainer videos, virtual tours, service presentation slides, promotional ads, and video blogs and marketing them right to better connect with the changed trends.

Video Marketing As A Digital Promotion Tool

Video is the future. And the leading businesses and marketers already know this. They have their focus on building effective content through videos over other forms. They are aggressively researching and building better techniques to find the most effective ways to do video marketing. Most of the progressive players and aspiring businesses are following them. This is steadily changing the whole game. You have more publishing and circulation options joining in. The video advertisement consoles and marketing dashboards are getting ever advanced allowing you to put up with more detailed audience targeting and accessing options.

This is offering huge opportunities to the marketers who can best utilize and control these video distribution and promotion techniques, along with the right video content that resonates with your users and surefooted techniques that put your plan across effectively. This is quite possible if you find the right video marketing services agency or YouTube marketing company like eSage IT.


Latest facts about Video Marketing

  • As per Unbounce, adding a video on a landing page can increase the chances of conversions by 80%.
  • 53% of users engage with a brand through a video on social media.
  • Digital video advertising and marketing spends have grown by more than 70% since 2016.
  • 72% users prefer to learn about a product or service through video over text or any other static medium of digital communication.
  • In a survey, 88% of marketers mentioned that they are satisfied with their video marketing results.

Why Choose eSage IT For Video Marketing

Putting your digital word across most effectively through finely
executed video marketing services!

Improved click-through rate

Picking from the best of video events and call-to-actions built on the context-focused promotional strategies to get you high CTRs for videos.

Better video ROIs

Going with the right campaign fits and promotional choices to extend your reach towards the right audience base to drive better video ROIs.

The right in-bound approach

Custom-designed marketing content that best depicts the buyer persona and connects with your audiences to get you the best in-bound reflexes.

Strategic conversion funnels

Creating video conversion funnels built on persuasive engagement points and data triggers, with strategic communication that converts.

Our Video Marketing Services

How We Helped Our Clients With Our
Video Marketing Services

  • Helped an individual entrepreneur to win 50% more leads and 20% more opt-ins for his training program piercing through a fine niche of audiences.
  • An online customized personal accessory store registered a view-count of 150,500 with a high engagement volume for their 3-week selective-audience campaign.
  • An e-commerce channel reached 50,000 potential investors and source vendors to position its exclusive marketplace idea and received high response from the target audience through email and calls.
  • A health service business created buzz at a live event in UAE by doing aggressive online promotions with a pitch-perfect video campaign.

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