How to Balance SEO and Content Creativity

SEO and Content Creativity

The often-quoted phrase ‘Content is King’ practically makes sense everywhere. Content has always been perceived as pivotal to any brand story, marketing deck, or ad campaign. For that matter, even if you talk about the website or profile communication it completely revolves around content. No matter which platform or idea is meant to serve, your content needs to be rightly planned, positioned and presented to cater to the purpose and deliver results.

Here, as you bet on high-quality content to get desired results with your efforts, you need to strategically plan and optimize it to get you visible on searches. You need to balance it out between readability and SEO, as this is where you would be gaining apt results with your attempt.

So, what are the ways that you should adopt to attain the quality of content that stands equally effective for search engines and human readers?

Here are a few practices to follow:

1. Build brand voice guidelines and be consistent with them

Build brand voice guidelines and be consistent with them

It is the first thing to do as you plan to attain the right perspective of holistic communication for your brand. Establishing a brand guide allows you to have the clarity of the message and the style you are going to adopt to connect with your audiences across the line of communication. This will get you a direction to work out a theme, build your dialog, create designs, and have a consolidated follow of brand communication and engagement. This way you will be able to have a roadmap to follow for creating content and this will allow you to bring in and validate content with SEO without losing the context and theme of the communication.

2. Ideate content through keywords

Ideate content through keywords

So, this is an important part of having the right approach towards balancing SEO with content. Every business has a product, service, location, audience groups, and interest categories to serve. This is where you get your subjects and topics to cover. When you know what you are selling or what is your main agenda of marketing or communication you know what all keywords will be there. Stick to those keywords and frame your idea of content around them. Plan your content keeping your audience in mind while building it around your targeted keywords. This is where you will find an apt balance between having content for people and content for marketing.

3. Focus vertically and stick to one idea at a time

Focus vertically and stick to one idea at a time

Now, this is one technique that allows you to go really well with planning quality content for your site. Don’t try to cover everything all at once. Pick individual topics and create a rolling-out schedule serving one vertical at a time. For example, if you are writing about a certain type of furniture just hold on to that category and cover it at all stretches going deep into every part of it. Don’t mix another category of product from your range of offerings. This will allow you to focus on a particular category of keywords and work it out more effectively keeping your communication more relevant, authentic, and specific to reveal high engagement and response.

4. Keep the audience first

Keep the audience first

Create content keeping your audience in mind. While you do this create the outline, prepare the plot, choose the narrative, and weave the story focused towards the user. As you roll it out and build the entire write-up try to rope in the keywords so that those targeted phrases blend in naturally with the content. This will get you to achieve the accord between the content for readers and search engines while bringing your perspective and purpose of communication in place. Once you are done with working around the audience part of it, the SEO perspective of it will follow going with the inclusive flow and you’ll have all of it working for you to get you high-quality content.

5. Don’t go overboard with anything

Don’t go overboard with anything

Just like you cannot afford to have a good-looking car that doesn’t move across places, it never makes sense to have a piece of content that just impresses the reader and does nothing to attract the search bots. Similarly, on the other side, it doesn’t make sense if it just works at the marketing level and doesn’t do enough to attract and retain the audiences. A good piece of content should equally cater to the human sentiments as it does for the search engine algorithms. If any of it misses out you may just not have the right balance of SEO and creative quality built. So, you need to do everything seeking the right blend putting in the right plan of executing the content serving both ends.

To Conclude

To be able to manage the creative quality of your content and still make it perform and deliver results through searches, you need to command the right balance between SEO, readability, and engagement. The points mentioned above should help you achieve all of it right. You just need to appoint a system to pull it out well keeping each factor aligned and addressed well to get you quality content serving your objective.

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