Getting Your Marketing Plans Ready For The Coronavirus Downturn

Marketing Plans

This is the time in world history, no one of us ever thought of experiencing in their lifetime. We are facing a global medical emergency of a pandemic order. Our civilized society is in a suspended mode. Our economies are hit by an indeterminate strain. and our businesses are operating in a distressing silo.

Desperate times need desperate measures. and in this situation, while we are trying to fight this fatal virus going into social isolation, we should refrain from letting ourselves disconnected from the world of business.

Let this impact your business the least. And how do you do this? Keeping your marketing plans alive is keeping your business ready for the much-needed bounceback.

Thankfully, digital opportunities are still open for you. And those who will act now would not lose the ground and won’t get into a position where they fail to recover.

So, what are the digital marketing ideas to power you through Corona? Let’s take a nip of it!

Connect With Your Customers on Social Media

At this hour of the outbreak of Coronavirus, people are locked down inside their homes. They are not going to theaters, malls, schools, restaurants, and are rarely seen on the roads. The only way they can satiate their social pulse is by keeping up with the digital media. Here, you have a genuine chance to express social empathy as a considerate brand going active on digital channels. Come out and connect with your customers and play an active part in spreading awareness, creating social value, supporting relief activities, and bringing people together in a suddenly isolated social system.

Be Found Online – Get Optimum Search Visibility

The time is definitely tough for physical and material efforts. But that doesn’t mean you should stop here. You have all the opportunity to push yourself up through online searches. Over everything, anything that is present online will get the most response from the users right now. To make sure you grab the most visibility online, go for search engine optimization to get better rankings on search pages, so more people searching for your services can find you on the top results. Remember, people still buy and consume things and they will never stop doing this, no matter what. So, keep yourself up online!

PPC is a Smart Move at This Time

On average, cost-per-clicks have decreased by 15% across all verticals during the last couple of weeks. It is a great time to pool in Pay-Per-Click advertising in your digital marketing plan. Just remember, your user is still as serious and potential and as they click your ad you still have the same changes at conversions. The idea is simple if they are searching for it, they have the desire and need for it. Maybe, in a bit delayed and unassuming mode, but it is going to convert. And this is where you can gain a competitive advantage, investing less amount of money.

Be Ready for The Bounce Back Surge

The world is hopeful! The Coronavirus outbreak should subside across the globe soon (just like it is happening in China now). Subsequently, the spending habits of people will stabilize and things will gradually get back to life. If you have ever invested in SEO and inbound marketing activities, you should continue to do that without losing hope. These require longstanding efforts and require a great amount of endurance. These are the times when you should keep your will and focus stronger. Keep your organic presence and reach ticking and you will be able to bounce back off these trying times.

Local SEO is Now More Relevant

People are staying close to their homes. Most of them have traveled back to their native places. They are looking for nearby services that are approachable and accessible and are in their proximity. E-commerce businesses have already started exploring this massive influx in local trade. This is the time you should target customers within a geo region. Let them find you online and turn up to you through local search keywords entering key phrases containing city, area, landmarks, and words of local relevance and preferences.

Work on the Makeshift Strategy – And Don’t Panic

Have you been stocking items lately out of panic? Public lockdowns and curfews are awful times. And these situations can drive anyone jittery and anxious. But you should not lose your calm. Especially while you are planning the digital marketing strategies for your business. While planning to connect/reconnect with your prospects you should go with a well-laid technique and strategy referring to detailed metrics and analysis. Read the trends of the sudden shift in the market behavior, consumption patterns, and response mechanism to work on a makeshift marketing strategy. Do all that sans panic!

Create and Work on Your Digital to-do List

Now that most of your routine office activities and errands have abruptly ended, you have a lot of spare time to work on a to-do list and plan your marketing agenda and roadmap ahead of here. These could include your plans with website redesigning, product development, SEO audit, CRO audit, social media optimization, outbound marketing, or lead funnel optimization. These self-improvement and value building activities are best to be addressed now as you get all the surplus time to work on these in the absence of the perpetual workloads.


You know this, we are going to get over this catastrophe. Sooner or later. But, in the meanwhile, there’s a lot about your life and business that you need to take care of. Or you will not be able to revive your business from the Coronavirus effect. So, you have all the time now to act vigilant and plan your digital marketing strategy and start taking steady actions on it.


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