4 Effective Ways To Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

Every marketer planning to accelerate their reach and take a leading-edge with better exposure and presence needs to diversify their digital marketing strategy.

This requires them to magnify their acquisition funnel and engagement value built on the strategies that leverage on a tactical and inclusive collaboration of digital platforms.

Your marketing program needs to be built on a strategic digital base to be able to cover most of the target audience with an amplified digital reach.

Each platform has a different user base to cater to, who have a different perspective towards your service as they have a different purpose and need for communication innate to the idea of that platform. Also, different social portals have their engagement factors and agenda that decide what kind of users they get on the platforms.

Most of the businesses plan to connect with users on the mainstream portals taking the conventional approach. These include social media networks and community forums like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

But, the downside of these platforms is they have lately started receiving an assorted audience, most of which are sporadically active and create the least engagement value for businesses. Finding the audiences on these sites that respond and convert is not easy. And if you are looking to get more quality response and value out of your digital marketing programs you need to reinvent and explore your platforms that deliver.

So, which are these digital platforms that allow you to claim a comprehensive and prominent digital presence that gets you to cover the most ground and establish a connection with users that gets you an empowering digital reach.

1. YouTube

Well, this one is so obvious and yet so unexplored. Most businesses trying to connect with online users, miss on to leverage video marketing. Most of the time they do not have enough resources and the ability to create effective video content. This turns out to be a big loss of opportunity at connecting with the users who are incrementally shifting towards the progressive mode of communication that is going to be the future of content distribution.

So, it is only wise to get a YouTube channel created for your business and get started with your video media promotion activities. Building this touchpoint can help you connect with the user who has easy access to a good internet connection (mostly the urban population). These are the people who prefer quick and effortless content that is interactively designed to serve users through intuitive audio-visual media. And this phenomenon is on a significant rise to create a great pool of prospects for digitally-aware businesses.

2. BuzzFeed

One of a kind social platform that leverages interesting data and innovative stories to engage its audience. Its witty feeds and listicles have made it a household name and it is very famous with youth. It always has one thing in common with its stories and that is creativity. So, the audience that comes to BuzzFeed looks for something interesting and out-of-the-box to be there.

As a business, you can well capitalize on this image of BuzzFeed, and create some attractive stories, listicles, and posts that may interest and attract people looking for your services. For example, if you sell organic cosmetics, mention its benefits taking real-life scenarios that refer to interesting life situations that most people face. Pitch on its benefits over artificial make-up products in an engaging listicle and you should be attracting a different audience group who might offer you surprisingly abundant business potential.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a digital media platform that attracts over 150 million active users every month. The platform is growing to attract users with its distinctive style. It features pins created by the user to display their work of art, design, infographic, or illustration in varied forms. These can be shared, with your followers and users in the groups and these can be accessed through non-linear searches.

Pinterest content has a long shelf life. As per an article published in the Wall Street Journal, the platform has a significant positive effect on helping the users make a purchase decision. As, 72% of Pinterest users purchased something sometime for real, getting influenced by seeing it on Pinterest. This platform can be leveraged to reach out to a serious and attentive audience who are hard to find on other deteriorating channels like Facebook.

4. Udemy

Well, this might sound a bit awkward and out of the place but Udemy has a lot of potentials to deliver to your business no matter which field it belongs to. Udemy is a marketplace platform for online learning. Here, you have teachers and trainers from all over offering their courses and learning solutions to be browsed and bought by students.

Now, how can you be benefited? Say, you have a wall cladding and restoration business operated by you for years. You can join Udemy as an instructor offering specialized courses and training modules in your service niche. This way you get to prove your proficiency to people as a coach who happens to own a full-time business of cladding. Which instills great trust and credibility in them about your expertise in the segment and helps you pass on the word of your business quite influential.

Most importantly, this gets you to access a completely new gamut of users who have come from a different lineage of mindset and needs and are of course more highly inclined, active, and serious about your service.


These platforms together serve you with a combination of rewardingly fresh and attentive audiences for your business. It can be a great way to come up with a new and more prolific stream of prospects you might be missing on to target operating in your conventional shell of digital marketing. So, get on with these and diversify your audience reach to commit to a more productive digital marketing strategy and you will have a large bit of it covered.


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