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PPC is a growing affair in the online paid marketing scenario. It is needed by any business that is looking to have an assured growing reach or immediate response across search networks.

Much valid reason for this is, going with the organic approach you need to keep it aligned with the paid efforts to get you the momentum in search appearances. Even when you have good organic rankings you need the paid boost to get you to acquire more traffic and leads when you plan acquisition drives or promote your brand going with an aggressive marketing plan.

And this is only going to grow bigger with time as businesses are now more open to spending a good sum of money on online promotions. If you are eyeing a strategic opportunity and want to grow into serving your existing clientele or extend your services toward PPC, we can help you with our well-appointed White Label PPC Management services.

At ESage Digital, we can help you attend and serve your clients with everything around PPC including consulting, campaign management, designing ad collaterals and landing pages, reporting and analysis, conversion rate optimization, and support services. You are served by our certified AdWords professionals and online marketing experts who have years of experience serving businesses from different operational niches and functional domains.

So, you get a comprehensive getting-started and growth support going with the best of professionals fueling up your PPC brand offering a complete range of service and holistic support from the backend. You do not require any prior PPC experience and we keep you covered with everything around PPC with our specialized team of experts dedicatedly working under the hood catering to your service brand.

Best-Value White Label Pay-Per-Click Services

To boost your agency presence as a PPC services company

The Right Onboarding

The service formalities and program induction followed by setting up of the dashboard and tracking system well served by an in-line process of service support and communication.

Account Building Activities

Your projects are studied in detail and served with a bespoke solution for each account with the right keywords, account structure, ad copies, landing pages, goal settings, and remarketing setup.

Comprehensive Account Management

From a 25-point weekly performance checklist to daily account monitoring, we get your clients served with device and time optimized campaigns.

Collaborative Reporting

Going with a well-defined format and process of reporting that includes phase-based performance analysis and value interpretations across different performance and service factors.

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Serving your client requirements with highly authoritative PPC services.

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White Label PPC Management Services Highlights

Serving Businesses with Lucrative PPC Plans!

  • A business providing brand packaging services to local businesses in Hampshire wanted to diversify their offerings into online marketing. They were helped with establishing a strong market foothold with White Label SEO and PPC services that allowed them to have a prominent presence amongst local operators within a time of 1 year.
  • With around 15 employees and experience of 2 years in e-commerce development, a company wanted to scale up their offering as a PPC management agency without investing directly into the digital marketing setup and development cost. We helped them with a comprehensive support program to grow their business in this direction.
  • White Label marketing services by ESage Digital allowed a veteran business serving e-governance projects to add PPC services to their proposal plan and pitch it to expand their role and perspective of digitization solutions for government projects.

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