5 Surefire Ways to Boost Your YouTube Views

Boost Your YouTube Views

YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms and it is only growing bigger and more authoritative with time. Just imagine the power it possesses to promote your business and improve your brand identity, with over a billion views clocking in every month. Besides, studies have shown that a greater number of people like to visit YouTube than any other platform Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., in a year.

This is why YouTube is now a place to consider marketing your products and services over any social platform. If done right, YouTube marketing can enhance your brand personality and multiply your conversions. It takes a lot of effort for YouTube marketers to create appealing content and make a video go viral.

However, apart from the efforts you need to put in, you would also need to take care of other vital aspects to make a successful YouTube marketing strategy. And this is where YouTube marketing services come into play as it is not possible for businesses themselves to manage their social media marketing strategies and that is a truth most businesses only realize after losing time and money in the process. Well, leaving that behind, let’s find out the certain ways to get more hits on your YouTube videos.

Here Are Some Effective Tactics That Your Youtube Marketing Team Can Try To Boost Your YouTube Views and Reach.

Do Proper Keyword Research

Simply opening a YouTube channel and creating content won’t help, especially when there’s so much competition around. You need to ensure that your content is reaching the right audience at the right time. And this is possible only through proper keyword targeting, which in turn would require your YouTube marketing team to do profound keyword research and validation.

Researching and adding appropriate keywords is essential to fine-tune your content and helps in targeting your potential customers. Further, you should know that most of your prospects visiting YouTube are at the product discovery stage and are yet to be aware of the fact that your products and services can make their lives easier.

Therefore, choose your keywords wisely that would increase awareness about your brand and products among your target group, who is in this preliminary stage in the buying process. So, the following techniques can be useful to boost your YouTube views and reach.

    • Choose keywords or key phrases that are relevant to your brand, product, target audience, and industry.

    • Choose keywords specifically targeted towards people in the receptive stage; that is when they are seeking new information.

    • Try using AdWords Display Planner, which is an excellent tool for keyword planning. You can include those keywords in your video description.

    • Go for keywords that have a minimum of 1000+ monthly impressions.

    • It’s a good idea to distribute your YouTube marketing budget in smaller amounts for your potential keywords first.

Try hiring professional YouTube marketing services to manage your video content. Also, make your social media marketing team learn about Google’s algorithm for ranking videos on the SERPs.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

You have probably heard this a number of times from your YouTube service provider, but sadly, this point is often taken lightly by many brands. By optimizing your YouTube channel, we mean the following things –

    • Add appropriate keywords in all your titles and video descriptions.

    • Create attractive and impactful thumbnails.

    • Say out your keywords in the video. Yes, YouTube is intelligent enough to extract valuable keywords from voice-overs, and hence, it considers such content while ranking on the SERPs.

    • Add relevant hashtags and keyword tags.

    • Add end cards for cross-promotions. Trust me, they are helpful!

    • Include a transcription in the video description, which is a simple method of adding captions. Don’t forget to keyword-optimize your transcripts too related to your topic, and it is a great SEO strategy.

    • Add links to your social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and also your product landing pages and website.

    • Create an attractive channel banner and mention your social profiles here as well.

Create Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

As discussed above, attractive thumbnails actually make your viewers click on your video. And mention the topic in your thumbnail image as well. Even if it’s mentioned in your topic, most people won’t even read that if your thumbnail isn’t inviting enough. Instead, most of them will simply scroll up.

Besides, there may be other videos similar to your topic, so if your thumbnail isn’t attention-grabbing, it would have lower chances of getting clicked. Further, never use the ones recommended by YouTube based on your video scenes.

Instead, create your own custom thumbnail that is visually appealing. And use bold and contrasting colors that reflect the value of your content. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and upload custom thumbnails for your old videos if they don’t have exciting thumbnails.

Use Appropriate Calls to Action

“Please Like my video if you enjoyed watching it, leave a comment below, and Subscribe to my Channel”. Sounds familiar, right? Well, almost every YouTuber uses these punch lines at the end of the video. These are known as calls to action.

Calls to action are essential, and this is why your YouTube service provider is concerned about it. Allow your viewers to perform certain actions after watching your video. In this way, it will increase engagement.

You just also figure out what you want your audience to do and place your call-to-action words accordingly, and make sure you do so repeatedly in all your videos. For instance, you may want to reach the following goals through calls to action –

    • Encouraging more viewers to discover your channels and watch your content

    • Getting more channel subscriptions

    • Receiving more likes, comments, and shares.

Focus on Audience Engagement

Engagement is everything when it comes to social media marketing, including YouTube. The idea is to make your people fall in love with your channel and the content you are putting out. It’s important to remember that you can only grow as a brand if you empathize with your audience and feel their emotions.

Some of the strategies to boost your YouTube views and engagement include –

    • Show some love to your audience by responding to their comments.

    • Create response videos or other special content as per your viewers’ requests.

    • Try collaborating with various influencers and brands.

    • Leave positive feedback and even subscribe to your viewers’ YouTube channels.

    • Run a giveaway contest or surveys to gain audience feedback. It will also help you gather some content ideas that your audience wishes to see.

That’s a Wrap

Always put quality content bringing along the engagement factor and keeping your target audience in mind while you create YouTube videos. Let your customers know that your brand is more than just a name and make them realize that you genuinely care for them the way they like the most!


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