Marketing Essentials for E-commerce and Tactics to Drive More Sales!

Marketing Essentials for E-commerce

Every e-commerce store is driven by one primary goal at its core. Whether it is a store related to fashion, lifestyle, health, fitness, grocery, or home décor, if it is operating for profits, its bottom line has to be around more conversion value and increased sales.

But reaching there doesn’t come easy at all. This one goal is routed through different tactical approaches and practices, served by a series of actionable marketing strategies and acquisition plans.

There’s no defined formula to achieve higher sales figures. And there’s no one pattern of promotion to follow. You can’t implement a tactical plan out from the shelf to get you to achieve your sales goals.

That is one truth!

Another is, there are ways to hack growth for your e-commerce store. Not that straight and immediate but definitely achievable and effective for sure.

As you would like to hear it, there are a host of depictable strategies that can be implemented all by yourself to get the desired results from your e-commerce business.

All you need to do is implement them in a precise scheme and combination of practice following a plan to best work in your case. And that will be all to fetch you the results you want from the attempt.

So, here are the e-commerce marketing ideas that may help you drive higher online sales.

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Optimize for Mobile

As per Statista, by 2021 more than 70% of the users will be doing online shopping through their mobile devices. And this phenomenon is proven and established globally by different statistical studies. This clearly means your store needs to be optimized for mobile devices if you want to be relevant in the stream of online selling and get to secure the most value from online shoppers, who are constantly shifting towards mobile commerce.

“The mobile commerce market is expected to register a CAGR of 27% by 2020-2025.”

So, here you need to build a responsive design that is created to serve mobile interfaces. This requires the website to be built and arranged to help users to optimally communicate with your offerings through that compact screen.

So, you need to check with navigation, flow, events, menus, structure, functionality, content format, and the overall shopper’s experience from the perspective of m-commerce. With this, you will be able to get to wholly address the act of optimizing your website for mobile users. And this is a much-needed and valid step towards increasing online sales as we move ahead to get more value through e-commerce in the future.

Optimize for Mobile

Roll out the Content Marketing Program

Content is at the core of any e-commerce site. Your service profile, product catalog, descriptions, tags, promotional copies, blog, and news updates, and inbound marketing efforts everything is built around your content. To be able to better connect with users you need to extend your content plan across networks and selectively put it across going with a perceptive content marketing program.

“Content Marketing has always been there. Any Marvel Comics cover is the finest example of Content Marketing ever.”


You can do this with the help of guest blogging on platforms that attract users in your category. You can start a podcast showing your expertise in video streaming platforms. Have user guides and helpful resources in infographics, slides, e-catalogs, and vlogs.

If you are into selling watches, you can have resources created around tips and guides for buying watches and finding genuine sellers. Your featured product posts on Instagram can be included in a blog for the best selection of watches for festive gifting. Here, you can do product unboxing movies, store tours, styling shoots, and client cover stories.

Also, circulate articles, shoot press releases, get featured on e-magazines, leverage user-generated content, and repurpose your blogs in different content formats going with a comprehensive marketing program acting upon a well-structured content schedule and plan.

content marketing funnel

Cross-sell/Up-sell your Products

You can learn the art of cross-selling from the guys at a nearby McDonald’s Restaurant. They are so agile and crafty at getting you to buy more stuff to eat than you have on your list. And they will make sure you don’t let their offer down by prompting you enough choices for combo deals and meal offers.

“Learn the art of cross-selling from the guys at McDonalds

Many businesses selling footwear, often ask you to upgrade to a higher quality of shoes that are made of some special sole or leather component. This can be well-implemented in your e-commerce strategy where you can combine different products in a deal. Similar products can be showcased on a product page that proposes higher/added value. If it is a mobile phone on sale, it can be clubbed by phone covers, earpieces, and graphic cards.

A common example of e-commerce cross-sells:

Suggesting that a product works best and offers more value in combination with a certain product. (Computer + Printer)

A common example of e-commerce up-sell:

More discount/cashback for buying a higher-priced product. (Fine-edge multi-blade shaver over a regular single blade razor)

Cross-sell/Up-sell your Products

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Every cart abandonment is a loss of sales opportunity. The hard-earned valuable leads on your website leaving you at the point of conversion is a painful experience. Many reasons make users abandon the cart and check-out page. The major ones of which are too high costs, compulsion to create an account, and too complicated checkout process. You have to address all these points to reduce the chance of shoppers to leave you without making a purchase.

“Customers are least likely to abandon carts when they get effortless checkout, attractive price, convenient process options, and have Fear of Mission Out!”

A potential way to curb the high abandoned cart rate is by optimizing your site for these issues. Secondly, to recover this loss these users can be reached through remarketing emails that can convince them to revisit the product and complete their purchase with strategically planned recovery campaigns. With this, you do not just remind them of the left-out shopping event but can also push lucrative discounts, offers, and easier buying options and persuade them to reconsider the purchase.

These are highly effective in getting the interested shoppers back to your site and get them to buy with you finally!

Reduce Abandoned Carts

Engage Your Visitors with Live Chat

Online shoppers are always in a hurry. They have a lot of distractions and the least patience to hold on to one thing. You need to keep the user on your site assisted with friendly chat support. You can have a chat model deployed on your e-commerce site to interact with and guide users through the process if they feel any need for assistance.

“Live Chat makes your users feel attended and served!”

This can really boost your interaction with the users and you can intuitively guide them through the site and pitch them offers through personalized interactions.

E-commerce sites are increasingly leveraging on Live Chat feature to engage their prospects and interact with their shoppers to maximize sales. This is a more dynamic, interactive, and effective way to communicate with the users on your site in real-time without them having to shuffle through emails or look for any communication out of the shopping environment.

Engage Your Visitors with Live Chat

Integrate Instagram

Instagram is a growing phenomenon in the social media space. The platform boasts to have over 500 million daily average active users. One place where businesses, marketers, promoters, influencers, and consumers come together and connect in large numbers. It is more than necessary for any e-commerce business to be present on Instagram. The platform allows you to reach out to your audiences and engage them with immersive social communication features.

“Instagram is the fastest growing social platform with over 500 million daily active users on it already.”

How you can leverage sales through Instagram? There are many options (organic, paid, and tactical) to get your product featured and selectively pitched for sales on the platform. Create shoppable posts and stories, go for the Instagram shop, opt for influencer tagging, and use features like SwipeUp, Explore Shop, and In-app Checkout. So effective and trending as a channel, this will alone have about 60-80% of your social network traction covered!

Integrate Instagram

Anticipate Future Sales

If you are looking to expand or upgrade your product range, you need to assess the market demand and find out how to build a sustainable product line that should work with your user in the future. To do this well, you should be validating your product range going with the geographic and demographic factors that work in your dimension of trade. Here, you can check with user tendencies and market trends to decide the type, variety, and price of products.

Once you have discovered the anticipated product line that is going to best work with your audience, you can create a featured segment and promote it aggressively across different marketing channels. You can also push your products through social media marketing campaigns, influencer pitches, remarketing campaigns, sending wishlist reminder emails, and product back-in-stock notifications. All this can get you to put in more concentrated and streamlined efforts for your best-selling products and help you drive better sales.

Anticipate Future Sales

Search Engine Optimization

Any E-commerce business needs to be served with expert search engine optimization because you need to be found on searches to get a response from the prospects who are searching for a business in your category. This gets you to have an organic footprint across search networks that allow you more sustainable search visibility and long-lasting reach with high-intent searchers.

Doing this, you can optimize and promote every product and category and get it to reach high SERP rankings on Google and other search engines. While you do this, you can optimize it for voice searches to get your e-commerce searches enabled for hand-held voice-based smart devices. Another effective new way to do this is by implementing keywords that serve contextual search queries referring to algorithms built on NLP-based (natural language processing) search protocols served by Hummingbird and BERT engine updates from Google.

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Search Engine Optimization

Right Product Description Strategy

The way your product is perceived and received on the online shelves largely depends on the way it is presented and proposed to the users. And a lot of it is built around product descriptions. So, you have to devise your strategy and plan your descriptions to effectively gain search rankings and engagingly interface with your users.

“Product Descriptions engage buyers.”

Your product descriptions can play a decisive role to get you more sales. So, you need to have the descriptions well demonstrating your product, elaboratively presenting its features, and engagingly communicating with your audiences.

Involve value proposition, emotional pitch, decision stimuli, tactical engagement, and product specs, drawn out with the right communication outline to best describe your product.

Right Product Description Strategy

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Your e-commerce sales strategy needs to combine pay-per-click marketing with multi-channel marketing and organic growth events to achieve more assured results. With this, you can have a better synchronization of promotional tactics and target your audiences to get a more promising reach against online searches.

“There’s no other way to get marketing results faster.”

PPC can get you to selectively filter and target your reach across demographic, geographic, and interest-based categories of user funnels. You can select your bid amounts and create your ad campaigns with targeted keywords and descriptions to reach out and attract users through the ads placed high on premium search folds.

You may work around different ideas, pitches, and formats of ads going with search advertising, merchant ads, display ads, listing ads, sequential marketing, remarketing, and Google shopping ads with the creative and communication choices to best fit your purpose and trait of the offering.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

End Notes

These are the key marketing essentials and e-commerce tactics you can use in a strategic combination to get you to drive more sales for your store. Once you go by a practical plan or pilot trial of these practices, you get a practical insight into a multi-pronged e-commerce marketing approach that may best work in your case.

You may include more ideas and concepts to get you to have more contextually approving results with your attempt. You can always carve out ways and tweak these practices to best deliver in your situation and that is how you will be benefited the most to drive more sales for your platform.

Here, you can get benefited from a professional e-commerce marketing company to take you through the apt plan, setting up the right marketing agenda and actionable goals to get increased sales.


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