7 Latest Google Ads Updates You Should Not Miss Out

Latest Google Ads Updates

It’s critical to allocate your hard-earned advertising budget to platforms that deliver the highest return on investment. That is why staying informed about Google Ads upgrades is critical. As we move towards 2022, the world’s most popular search engine continues to improve its service for users, advertisers, and SEO specialists. We’ll walk you through the top Google Ads upgrades, highlighting the platform’s most significant developments over the last year.

1. Enhancing Your Merchandising Insights


Google Ads has added two new capabilities to its top sellers’ analysis to help you organize your product selection more efficaciously: historical statistics on best-sellers and comparative consumption.

With access to past bestseller statistics, you may more accurately forecast sales patterns for the future season by first analyzing popular goods from past purchase events (such as last Christmas Eve). This newly introduced element, dubbed comparative consumption, can assist you in determining the relative demand for items within the same classification and region, as well as the chance for future product stocking.

2. Conversion Value Regulations For More Control Over Smart Bidding

Conversion Value Regulations For More Control Over Smart Bidding

Any campaign’s objective is critical, and conversions are an unavoidable byproduct of the effort. However, not all conversions have the same value. You may now alter conversion percentages based on key criteria such as region, gadget, and demographic.

If your audience is interested in sports items and you believe you may have a recurring client who previously purchased a product such as a triathlon gear, you may increase the conversion rate by the group’s unique value. Such guidelines will be utilized to optimize the cost through smart bidding.

When you build the new bid methods for search ads, you would have the following options:

• Maximizing conversions may include a goal CPA.
• Maximize conversion value can optionally have a target ROAS.

In the next several weeks, you will no longer be able to run normal campaigns utilizing the previous Target CPA strategies. Rather than that, leverage the new bid techniques by establishing optional goals. This upgrade is just for campaign-level plans; overall bid strategies will remain unchanged for another year.

3. Upgrade Your Campaigns to Video Action Campaigns for Better Results

Upgrade Your Campaigns to Video Action Campaigns for Better Results

TrueView for action enables companies to interact with prospects on the monitoring page. As consumer journeys get more complicated, it’s critical to connect with consumers during their exploratory and assessment phases.

That is why, through Video action campaigns, Google Ads is improving TrueView with engagement and spreading its finest features to other locations on and off YouTube. Video Actions campaigns have several advantages:

• Easily share your message to distant locations.
• Increase your consumer base.
• Utilize deep learning to maximize performance.

4. You Now Have Greater Control Over Where Your Advertisements Run

You Now Have Greater Control Over Where Your Advertisements Run

Controls for Advertisers:

Advertiser settings in Google Advertisements enable advertisers to specify the place where the ad is displayed, the structure in which it appears, and the market they wish to attract. Google Ads delivers a new tool that will assist marketers in simplifying this process by allowing them to utilize flexible restriction rules that can be modified continually and smoothly over time. Advertisers may develop these lists directly or through a third party, they prefer, such as trademark organizations or industry associations.

After uploading a variable exclusion list to the Google Ads account, advertisers may organize regular updates as new subdomains are added, assuring that their exclusion records stay functional and relevant. Within the next several weeks, this functionality will be accessible to all users.

Policies and Enforceability:

Google Ads has comprehensive regulations and enforcement technology to safeguard all advertisers against unethical individuals. These investments serve as the foundation for Google Ads’ efforts to build a secure advertising environment. Google Ads has bolstered its enforcement capabilities in recent years, investing considerably in technology and enforcement staff located across the globe that helps to ban or demonetize infringing material.

5. A New Type of Travel Advertisement

A New Type of Travel Advertisement

As companies gradually recover from the epidemic, Google has been delivering solutions to travel-related advertising that provide revenue growth opportunities. Google has just added a new feature to its search engine that allows users to book tickets and make reservations directly from the results page when searching for a certain tourist spot.

Moreover, travel marketers now have the option to experiment with a “things to do” ad in which they may include information about price, photographs, and reviews. Google urges to test this advertisement feature because its objective is to increase awareness and bookings.

6. Attribution Models Are Now Available for YouTube and Display Ads

YouTube and Display Ads

While buying a product, individuals may come across various advertisements from the same company. Attribution models enable you to control how much value each ad engagement receives for conversions, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most effective product. Google Advertisements has now enhanced non-last click algorithms to include data-driven attribution for display and YouTube ads.

YouTube’s engaged views are now included in your data-driven attribution methodology. With these updates, the data-driven attribution approach gains even more insight into how people interact with your advertising campaign.

7. Automating-Display-Advertising-Campaigns


Google announced the consolidation of regular Display and Smart Display advertisements into a single campaign category. This is not to say that we cannot execute traditional Display ads in the conventional sense.

This means that when selecting a campaign type, you would now see only one Display option, and once selected, you will be able to pick between a normal Display or a Smart Display advertising campaign.

Display advertisements campaigns are automatically optimized for targeting, which enables businesses to get clicks even from individuals who are not part of your targeted audiences.


This concludes the comprehensive list of Google Ads upgrades. Each year is certain to bring new developments, and everyone involved in PPC campaigns must do their best to stay informed on these modifications and implement advanced methods.

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