How Voice Search and PPC can Together Work Wonders for Your Business

Voice Search and PPC

Summary: How do Voice Search and PPC go hand in hand? How do these two work together to get you the most benefits from the online results? And how far are these going to impact the idea of online searches in the future?

Let’s find out in this detailed 9 minutes read!

Voice Search and PPC are two incredible online search phenomena that have revolutionized the idea of online user acquisition and engagement quite visibly. With these two comings together you can see a certain elemental shift in the online searching practices and a host of business opportunities brewing.

Going by the numbers – as manifested by top research agencies – over 60% of mobile phone users have voice-searched at least once in the last year. As per Google, about 20% of mobile queries are voice searches. And voice-based shopping is expected to reach a whopping figure of $40 billion by 2022!

Apparently, the growth in voice search technology, as led by top players like Google, Amazon, and Apple, is changing the entire game with ever-advanced AI and ML possibilities.

PPC, on the other hand, is always the priority of progressive businesses as they get immediate assured results dwelling on pay-per-click campaigns. And as per a popular study, PPC visitors are likely to convert by more than 50% as compared to organic visitors.

If you want to take over to the future of searches with the trends and traits that are actually going to dominate digital promotions and advertisements, you should look into combining your PPC campaigns with Voice Searches.

So, How Voice Search and PPC are Going to be a Great Duo?

As more people are owning smartphones and using these to their full capabilities with internet-powered services, online searches are going to take sharp evolved roles in the future. And with the growth of connected voice technologies, you have more people using easier and handier ways to make searches online.

If you have ever used Alexa or Cortana, you know how easily you can interact with them and get them to attend you smartly with relevant feeds and results.

Search engine voice searches are meant to make your searches more effective, easy, quick, and interactive. A user can just speak out a query on the move to get an interactive context-aware result against it.

This can be trailed by a series of communication with the voice-assisted device and you are going to get smartly interpreted data-driven results that are supported by high-end machine learning references.

Now, this whole idea connects with PPC to make sure your voice-optimized results are visible to the users, right up in the featured slot. Which gets you on top of the voice-search game before it hits the plateau. Without you having to leave this early opportunity to the fate of organic results.

Pay-Per-Click being a keen paid advertising method that is appointed to get you the right elevation up on the upper search folds, sets you above the competition to help you get exclusive voice search turnouts in your category.

Both of these are meant to put you on top of the search trends. Revealing great early-mover advantage that should get you a great lead over your competitors.

Tips To Help You Create Engaging Voice-led PPC Campaigns

As a business how should you take benefit of this? Here are a few important tips to help you build great PPC campaigns that use Voice Search possibilities at their best:

Using Long-tail Keywords Makes Sense

Voice searches are different than regular text searches. And there’s a clear difference between the way you search through both of these methods. The voice search phrases are long and include whole sentences in most cases. These searches involve queries and mostly form a grammatical sequence. So, if you are searching for a digital marketing company through a text search, you may type or enter a keyword like ‘digital marketing company to get your results. However, in case of a voice search for the same you might need to speak out a phrase like ‘find me a digital marketing services company’ or maybe ask a question like ‘where is a good digital marketing company near <location>’. It is only natural for users to go a bit more expressive and elaborative as they search through a voice command. And you should understand this factor and use long-tail keywords while targeting the voice search users with your PPC campaigns.

Go Local

Most users searching through voice tend to look for local results. Maybe, because they are mostly on the move while they are making a voice search. This simply needs you to use location keywords while you design your PPC strategy. So, if a user is looking for a car service center through a voice search they are most likely to search for ‘car service center near Stockwell station’. This will make you more reachable and relevant to the voice searchers. Also, besides considering the geographical keywords take into account the language and word choices of the users in that area and accordingly work on your keywords. For example, if you are targeting British audiences for a packaged cold drink product like Coca-Cola, you should use the word ‘fizzy drink’ or ‘soft drink’. However, if you do the same for American audiences, you should use the words ‘soda’ or ‘pop’ instead. Because you can’t sell something to your users that they don’t relate with!

Be Natural with Your Keywords

While you plan your keywords for your PPC Ads targeting voice searches, you should always stick to natural phrases. Something, you would like to ask if you speak out to someone to help you with some queries in person. For instance, for cake delivery, you type a text search by entering a query ‘cake delivery shops’. However, when you search the same using voice you are most likely to use the phrase ‘cake shops that do home delivery. This is how you ask in a real natural tone. Right? So, make it work that way when you design the keyword plan for your PPC campaign for voice-enabled searches. Also, the best way to do this is by doing a voice demo for keywords and figuring out the natural process of entering a keyword as a voice search query. By doing this you would get the list of keywords that real potential customers voice-search for.

Final Words

With Voice Search and PPC coming together, it may be a piercing new start towards tapping the growing league of users who are increasingly taking up voice-enabled technology to make online searches. And these users are going to grow at a rate you can’t imagine. Just plan your keywords right, design your campaigns selectively, and keep your ads optimized with the paid-voice search strategies and you should have your ends covered!


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