How to Find the Right PPC Agency for your Business?

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When you are on a hunt for Google Ads agencies, you may come across various service options. Each one of them has its own set of capabilities and levels of expertise. Every Google Ads Company goes through different experiences of serving various businesses from different industries. They have different team sizes, domain credentials, and market exposure in their service kitty.

These factors combined with the engagement plans and communication practices define how relevant and promising a Google Ads Management Agency is for your business.

As you go about finding the right online advertising service to grab a visible and viable presence across the Google paid ad networks, you need to go by a combination of factors that assure you of landing in the right spot.

To make it easy and handy for you, here are all the important factors deduced and defined as quality benchmarks that would help you find a Google Advertising agency that you can depend on for services and results. Here you go!

Industry Certifications:

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To gauge the authenticity and credibility of the agency you are dealing with, you should ask them for certifications and accreditations they have received from domain authorities and regulatory bodies. This is because the agencies you shortlist and consider hiring for Google Ads services should be holding significant industry recognition and backing through trusted organizations.

With this, you will be able to find authorized companies that are more reliable and worthwhile to get associated with. For example, if you find a company with a Google Premier Partner badge on its profile, you can trust it easily. Apart from this, there are different industry qualifications and associate programs that may give the signal about the company’s proficiency and capability to serve you with Google Paid Ads Services.

You own the Assets and Creatives:

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When you enter an agreement with a PPC or Google Ads Management agency, you should check with their client’s copyright policies. This will assure you have the right to access and own the creative assets that are produced for your business against the services provided by the agency.

This should be enforced by a legal procedure that is backed by a detailed asset compliance policy document that establishes your ownership over the intellectual property and advertising material. If this is not confirmed or assured by any of the agencies on your list, you should better rule them out and consider the ones with clear and transparent creative ownership policies.

Complete Agency Transparency:

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Google always emphasizes the fact that companies offering PPC management services need to be transparent with what they offer to the client. There should be nothing hidden or misinformed. This applies to everything from advertising spends to campaign performances. So, that means the company needs to reveal everything around cost, clicks, and conversions to the client business.

Here, this also includes having access to analytical data and account metrics. And you should be able to get answers to each and every detail about the campaigns, impressions, CTRs, keywords, and ad groups, or anything else you would like to know. This is why it becomes highly important that you choose your agency only after checking the authorizations and certifications from the approving authorities across all serving factors that assure you value through transparency.

Short Period Contracts:

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Some agencies try to bind their clients in long-term contracts that can be 12 months and more. Google Ads Management companies have a valid reason to do that. They have to invest time and resources in onboarding and setting up and driving the accounts through the initial phases to a stronger position. But, this is not at all in favor of clients as they get bound to be with the service for a marked period.

This may land them into a botched contract if the Google Ads Management Company is not able to deliver as promised and they may have a tough time recovering the lost time, money, and opportunities. This clearly establishes the fact that you should opt for a company that offers short-term contracts and has flexible engagement plans so you are free to make your move as and when you like.

Proven Track Record:

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The Google Ads Management Services you want to hire should be able to provide you with enough shreds of evidence and records of service. Their past work and performance details should be clearly established in the form of case studies and client stories. These work folios should be substantiated by performance data and validated by campaign analytics and reports.

With this, you will be able to know if the agency has enough experience and potential to serve your advertising goals. This may help you compare all the available services based on their actual past performance and this assures you of finding the right PPC agency that you can depend on for results.

A well-established Process:

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No matter how competent and experienced an agency is, if it doesn’t have a proper process and defined set of methods to follow, you must skip giving a thought to it. Here, you should go for a check with the company’s approach towards task handling and client servicing. They should be able to demonstrate and explain their action plan and backup options.

They should tell you how and where they will be allocating the available budget and what will they be doing as the audience response and campaign requirements shift over time. Also, the agency should have a defined plan to drive KPIs and have a strategy to optimize ROAs and conversions. If you can see these things properly laid out in their service structure, it’s worth seeking services with the agency.

Gets you a Revenue-Driven Solution:

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Every PPC services company can set up an account and automate ads for you. You need to go beyond this and check if the company has solutions to boost revenue. This means you need to see if the agency is able to commit towards measurable output targeted to get you real traction and value through ad impressions and clicks.

This gets you to be sure of the results and you get to have assessable material closures of your advertising efforts. This includes optimizing how you target and place your ads aiming at a higher conversion rate. Also, it involves improving the performance of copies and landing pages by doing AB and multivariate testing for ad groups. This may further involve performance trials and data analysis across campaigns to attain optimum advertising ROIs. An agency that follows these practices and works on getting more conversions focusing on revenue is a good fit for you.


When you will look out for options to get help with Google Ads you must find a lot of agencies claiming their potential to serve. There are, however, a few who actually have the right skills and practical knowledge base with proven expertise in the field. While you aim at finding the right agency the above-mentioned checks come in handy to get you access to the ideal PPC Advertising Management services partner.

Ask these questions to the shortlisted agencies on your list learn about their past records and walk through the evidence of their work, take a comprehensive view of their performance and level of expertise, and compare different options at hand based on these factors. You will be able to find the right Google Ads services agency for your business!


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