Google Ads Trends You Need to Swear by in 2021

Google Ads Trends

Everyone knows what organic traffic is. Businesses with a very basic knowledge of organic searches and SEPR rankings always enter the space with unreal and unattainable expectations. They don’t know the harsh reality of organic traffic. You have to face a lot of competition with a number of similar businesses aiming to rank high in your space of offering and action.

This is the reason most people look to get their pay-to-play space in the ad networks to gain access to a special slot of visibility. This is what you call Display or Search Listing Ads commonly. To which Google AdWords is the most practicable synonym that is interchangeably used to denote online paid advertisements.

  • The most obvious reason behind this is Google searches account for the highest portion of search engine activity which is above 90% of all searches happening online.

  • Google’s market value is $739 billion.

  • There are over 2 Trillion searches made on Google every year.

  • Any person conducting an online search does it 3 to 4 times a day on average.

This shows how big the impact and reach of Google Ads are and how it may just change the game of online searches for businesses if done in the right manner.

So, looking at that you need to keep up with the change that is happening and trends that are catching up every moment to be in control of your attempts with Google Ads.

Here are The Major Google Ads Trends To Follow For 2021:

Trend #1 Google Ads Smart Bidding

Google Ads Smart Bidding

Google has been one of the leading innovators and investors in the field of Artificial Intelligence in recent years. Owing to this approach they have designed techniques for allowing users to easily bid based on automated suggestions and smart assistance through the feature of Smart Bidding.

So, when a predictive and analytical technology is involved in bidding that means it eliminates much of the guesswork for you. You do not have to optimize ads for each campaign every time. And do not have to set keywords and tags or define a similar set of audiences for different ads all the time.

It reads your ad requirements, combines them with your behavior, and processes the information forming a utilizable pattern for Smart Bidding. Makes it a lot easy for you to create your campaigns and set your advertising goals.

Smart Bidding can help you with optimizing PPC ads serving different campaign goals:

Target CPA: Get new leads and acquire customers at a specified Cost Per Acquisition.

Target ROAs: Control how you spend on advertisements and what value it gets you in return.

Conversion Optimization: Maximize your rate of conversion.

With Google’s Smart Bidding you get updates on different performance metrics and suggestions on trends-based estimations and possibilities. These are characterized by tracking elements like Location Intent, Timing, Remarketing List, Ad Performability, And Interface Language. These are the signals for your ads that get better with Machine Learning, Pattern Mapping, and Performance Analysis as you continue to do more campaigns and set preferences, and do adjustments around them.

Trend #2 Google Discovery Ads

Google Discovery Ads

Google’s Discover is its personalized newsfeed service to get its users relevant content even when they are not searching. Discover’s interface offers you cards arranged under different categorial topics that are shown to you based on your interest. You can expect quality evergreen content and none of the current topics or ‘newsworthy’ content on these feeds. You can control what feeds are shown to you by selecting your preferences and opting out of what you would not like to see more of.

You can access Google Discover through Google mobile app or just by browsing

It was recently when Google introduced Discovery Ads. You can see them on Google feed environments. These are just as what you see with Display Ads and YouTube Ads. These are visually appealing, mobile-responsive, and optimized for ad placement. So, when your ad is shown to a user it is placed as per their search history, feed response, among other factors.

With Discovery Ads, you are allowed to show more than one image in a carousel format. You can leverage these ads not just to get exposure in the Discovery feeds but also to reach out to audiences on other Google network platforms like YouTube and Gmail.

Trend #3 Google Gallery Ads

Google Gallery Ads

Google launched the Beta version of Gallery Ads in 2019. Gallery Ads are much similar to Facebook’s Carousel Ads that can be scrolled horizontally to see more than one visual at a time.

What makes it so important is the audience reaction it gets you. As per a market report, the ad groups that include Gallery Ads in the campaign get 25% more audience response.

Gallery Ads can be seen on the top of the search results featuring anywhere between 4 to 8 images. Each image can have its own text with an image headline and URL and it attracts advertising fees as a user swipes the post or clicks on an image.

These ads can be a great tool for advertisers and businesses looking to promote something that has a scope for visual storytelling. These can be ideal when you need to interact directly with the end-users or do retail marketing.

Google Gallery Ads are increasingly being tried and explored by businesses looking to dynamically interact with their audiences. As they look to move over the overkill of plain text ads that are increasingly being realized to have a flimsier role in grabbing user attention and commanding a strong recall value compared to anything presented in dynamic visuals.

Trend #4 Expanded Segments of Audiences

Expanded Segments of Audiences

Google has been always trying to get advertisers more choices to precisely choose their target audiences. And it has come a long way to reveal powerful tools and selection filters to define and set the segments and types of users you want to show ads to.

And this is only going to get better from here, as it assures better results and value through ads at all ends to businesses, marketers, and audiences likely.

In October 2019, Google came up with two extended audience segments:

Affinity Audiences:

The audiences that are built around different interest categories on the basis of browsing behavior and engagement pattern demonstrated by them. Some of the examples of Affinity Audiences are tech geeks, pet lovers, and frequent travelers. Selecting audiences based on the criteria of user affinity and interests to get you highly apt and assured results hitting on more response and conversions.

A famous case rests with Volkswagen, which targeted audiences based on consumer affinity and lifestyle traits and schemed out advertisements that helped them achieve a remarkable 250% rise in conversions.

In-Market Audiences:

This segment of the audience mostly displays the behavior of actively searching and comparing products online. Google allows advertisers to get access to this category of users for their audience base. Google has now introduced seasonal events and segments pooling in In-market Audiences allowing marketers to reach users on Google searches and YouTube with event-specific offers.

This type of advertising notably helped Toyota in increasing their conversions by about 67% and lowering down the cost of conversion by 34%, reaching out to a selective base of segment buyers on Black Friday and Christmas.

These are not entirely new ad signals but have been expanded to play new roles in defining more precise and accurate audience groups to layer up the game of advertising in the online space.

Trend #5 Google Lens Integrated Campaigns

Google Lens Integrated Campaigns

Image searches are being increasingly served by image recognition and rendering technology and Google Lens is at the epitome of this trend. Google Lens is basically smart visual search technology that recognizes objects and scans landmarks to process them through a native app to show search results related to those images. 

This search technology is further integrated with different devices and programs to enhance user experience with searching images. Here, you can find different search possibilities going along different tech-integrated campaigns. Here’s how it works in different real-life scenarios to make searches highly relevant and user-empowering against how you do it with regular image searches.

Household utilities: Similar product search and shopping options to buy them.

Barcodes: Scan barcode to find a product and details of it.

Contact card: Add a phone number and other details to your contact list.

Event flyer or billboard: Trace and add the details of the events to your calendar.

Book: Get to read the summary, author details, and reader’s reviews.

Paintings: Learn about the paintings put on display in an exhibition.

Plant or Animal: Get to know about habitat, genesis, breed, disease, and other Wiki details.

Landmarks: Know about the famous spots and historic buildings and the stories behind them.

As of now, you don’t have any ad programs planned around this technology but it is soon going to take up the stage with interesting integrations and you can see a lot happening around it soon which will change the way we see these ads. You can already see the preliminary glimpses of it with what Pokemon and Netflix have done with their recent commercials.

Final Words

Google search is evolving every minute. To be able to get the best of online search authority and find better results with your ads you need to explore a way to commit to Google’s mode of transition. In 2021, you have most of it happening around the trends discussed above. As you have the hold over it, you will be able to make the most of Google Ads and the allied technologies. Which is certainly going to be a decisive factor for ad performance and the metrical goals that follow, to devise and drive the fate of your campaigns.

For more information on the topic, you can reach out to our Google Ads Management experts and understand these trends and ideas in detail. You can also get helped with getting your profile to perform optimally across the ad networks and get higher ROAs with our pro AdWords Management services.


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