Good News for Mobile Users: YouTube Adds Two New Features Timestamp Preview & Auto Translate Caption

Good News for Mobile Users

YouTube recently launched two new features – Auto Translate Caption and Chapter Preview for mobile users. The word timestamp means the digital record of the time of occurrence of an event.

Timestamp Preview

The time-stamped preview will show images in small boxes with pictures and time. It will show the specific topic appearing at a particular point in the video. The feature allows you to directly jump to the exact topic you are interested in.

Auto Translation

Translation was always there but YouTube has taken it a notch higher by adding Auto Translated Caption. Now it automatically translates video captions, descriptions and titles from other languages when the relevant matter is not available in the local language. It is a path-breaking move from Google as it has broken the language barrier. It is very useful for “How to” and “Educational” content. Initially, Google is planning to start with the English language and subsequently roll out more languages.

Word of Wisdom from Sage

Now it’s important to add timestamps to videos if you want them to rank higher in YouTube searches. Most importantly time-stamped videos will also stand out in Google searches. Similarly, transcription has always been beneficial for videos. It is very useful for viewers who don’t turn on the volume while watching videos. The new auto-translation feature helps you reach an audience worldwide. It is better to incorporate changes in your videos so you remain ahead of your competitors.


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