Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Online Conversion

Online Conversion

This write-up is for Search Marketers. You know customer satisfaction plays an integral part in the success of a company. The companies are also aware of the fact but at times for generating quick business Search Marketers adopt some smart business tactics that don’t go well with the customers. It eventually leads to customer dissatisfaction. It is very important that you should understand the physiology of the consumer.

Avoid making false promises and tricks that can lead to customer dissatisfaction. I will give you a classic example of one such practice widely followed in the online business industry. A lot of sites promise free access, when the customer registers he finds that he needs to fill in credit card details, making him leave the site immediately. The reason for leaving was that he thought he would be getting it for free.

Word of Wisdom from Sage

Don’t run behind sales, instead focus on giving a nice experience to the customer. Believe us, they will happily pay for the product and service. Remember, getting long-term business from clients is the aim. Keep testing & experimenting till you hit the right chord.


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