Breaking News! Bugs Hit Google – Images Not Appearing in Google Search

Bugs Hit Google

There are numerous reports of images not appearing in Google Search. It has affected search results worldwide. Google has confirmed that it is because of bugs.

Google on toes to resolve it:

John Mueller working with search engine giant Google as a Webmaster Trends Analyst has twitted about the issue. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Search Liaison has confirmed that they are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

There is possibility the unclear images may negatively affect the click-through rate. Only few pictures are getting loaded in the top story carousel. The carousel is one of the main sources of visibility and traffic for a lot of online businesses and publishers. If the issue doesn’t get resolved fast then it may badly affect advertisement revenue.

Word of Wisdom from Sage:

Since Google is aware of the problem so there is a strong probability it will resolve it fast. We will keep you updated.


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