5 Things Successful PPC Landing Pages Have in Common

PPC Landing Pages

Of all paid marketing practices, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is the strongest way to drive traffic to your pages. Every outbound marketer ever wants to create a PPC influx to their lead generation channel aiming at high conversions. They put the best of their efforts in setting up campaigns that deliver them with quality traffic to serve the marketing bottom line.

But, most of them fail halfway. Not because they do not get enough right audiences to their page but mostly because they are not able to build the right receiving gesture and lack the conversion-optimized channel through which they would convert these visitors into customers.

The reason is they are not able to pull the right PPC landing page.

Well, while this might sound simple, having a PPC page that delivers is not an easy bet.

Though it may be very well drawn on papers and brainstormed to detail when it comes to real implementation, most of the time it even misses out on the crucial basics, let alone the high-end techniques.

So, what is that you have to do to get the right PPC landing page that connects with your audiences well. Here are a few proven practices that are adopted by the successful PPC advertisers that can assure you of a page that gets you to achieve your Pay-Per-Click goal.

1. Their Content Attributes are in Great Sync with Each Other

All leading PPC advertisers with great conversion rates have their contents in great collaboration with each other and with the overall idea and purpose of communication.

The most important things to be addressed here are the Headline, Offer, and CTA of your ad. These content pieces should be in close coordination with each other.

This is important as it will decide how effectively your content delivers as a pitch while making sure the audiences don’t get confused and connects with the ad easily and effortlessly.

If these are not in a close functional tandem and are not served by the right plan of communication, your campaign can go miserably bad with addressing its underlying idea.

To make sure you don’t fail here, follow these fundamental principles.

  • Write the copy keeping your user in mind
  • Talk about the results
  • Prompt your users to take the action
  • Keep the action event straight and simple

This is what successful landing pages mostly do to keep their communication on track.

And to get it right these businesses take help from professional copywriters. As they know how to make a compelling copy to help you connect with your users best serve your situation. And, they are well-versed with the idea of marketing communication and know what best resonates with the trends.

2. They Leverage Design and Graphics

Every successful PPC page puts effort into the design.

The reason is simple, no matter how well your PPC copy is written, it needs the right graphic interface support to connect and engage with the users effectively.

Ask yourself, what would you prefer as a user? A monotonous text-based page with an outmoded static layout or an attractive copy that has a graphic-rich and functionally responsive content. Not a brain-teaser I guess!

The idea here is to make it easy and interesting for your audiences to connect with your offering, besides adding to your ability to present and express your pitch effectively.

Now, while you do this make sure your plan of design is in-line with the latest standards and trends. Use the recent most techniques and ideas that get you the most chances of conversion.

Also, keep your design aligned with the right plan of UI and UX. Work on graphic elements, color scheme, design layout, page structure, and theme to best achieve the User Interface value. Address different User Experience factors like communication flow, functional properties, responsiveness, gestures & transitions, and loading speed. And put these together in a close association to reveal the best results with the visual design.

Here are a few ideas that work in almost every case:

  • Keep your USP highlighted, credibility conveyed, and message clearly placed above the fold
  • Have no-brainer navigation and uncluttered sections
  • Use CTA buttons that confirm a click (maybe with a pop or color-switch)
  • Use relevant high-quality images (show the image of a fresh and tempting apple, if it is about selling apples)
  • Keep the forms easy and quick (ask for least details with easy prompts)
  • Legible fonts, proper spacing, consistent theme are a plus


3. They Show Their Product in Action

There’s no better way to display your product than putting it into action. Anything that is presented in motion has a higher attraction and engagement value than any other form of presentation. And contemporary advertisers swear by this idea.

A video is always a more interactive and intuitive way to put your product at the best of its expression. Better, if it is something core technical or domain-specific, as you get to explain it better with a more effortless and conducive audio-visual presentation.

Here, you have options to go with different portrayal themes and presentation formats like product ad video, features demo, guided tour, cover story, industry use case, and explainer video.

You get an ample scope of communication as you promote your product in motion. All you need to do is keep it focused and served with key details and resources in a terse power-packed communication so it can deliver your elevator pitch to perfection.

This is going to take the prime spot and would garner the most highlights of your PPC page. Something that most of the users are going to prefer over any other mode or format of communication. So, play it well!

4. They Use the Trust Signals

You will find businesses just giving self-acclamation and verdicts about their products without proof of performance and credibility. These pages fail to impress the visitors as they are not able to build trust with them.

All the successful landing pages emphasize establishing the word of trust. They take up client testimonials tagging back to real profiles, accreditation and recognition with leading associations, proven work record in the form of service portfolio, performance charts and transition figures, and trust seals from reliable certification agencies.

The factor of trust helps you turn cold visitors into nurtured prospects and get the most chances at conversions. These trust signals put you into a few filtered options that are always preferred over the businesses without valid proof of their existence and performance.

5. They Leverage the Thank You Page

‘Thanks’ is the most powerful parting word that makes the end of any communication smooth, friendly, and tasteful. It is, of course, a polite move that helps you sound more courteous as a business. But more than that it is a way to establish a good last impression and reinforce a connection with the visitor.

Also, you have an opportunity here to re-highlight the links of your key services and resources. So, you can pitch them for more offerings before they leave you, and let them choose to go with something left out or not taken up in the shuffle.

You can leverage the Thank You note in two ways. One is, just place a simple Thank You pop-up with a sweet parting message. Another way is by creating a full-blown page with the word of gratitude (and an interesting graphic) and anchor messages with strategically placed service links. Both of these are effective parting events and make for a great way to close communication with your user. And most of the successful landing pages make sure they have it to reveal the best results.


A successful PPC landing page is a product of a well-designed pitch and well-deployed tactics at receiving the audience right. Many factors decide your fate with your Pay-Per-Click page but you can always keep it from going off-the-track by following a set of standard practices. The ideas included here cover most of the traits of a good PPC landing page and have been adopted by the leading marketers and PPC experts all over. Implementing these landing page tactics well keeping your advertising plan covered can help you get the best of your PPC endeavor!


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