Video Trends That Will Rule The Digital Landscape in 2020

Video Trends

In the coming year, the videos generated for social media will continue to grow with great popularity. No matter how high value you have over social media, in the coming years, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to use these brilliant video marketing strategies that may bring your business into the limelight.

Although it is not advisable to go into trends too soon, instead explore them in brief and then come across a decision in which video marketing suits your business.

We have seen some trends ram up this year, while others fade away. It may not be straightforward to keep up with the best one, so we did the job for you. So below, we’re sharing some of the brilliant video trends of 2020 digital marketing services that will shape your business.

1. Interactive 360 Video Yechnology will Expand

Interactive or Virtual reality 360 video is currently a major booming trend and now a part of digital marketing services too. Streaming music, sports games, and famous locations through these videos have witnessed how much it is trending.

We believe that we may get to see far more of this kind of virtual surrealist video type, as AR and VR videos continue to grow in use. And this is something you might want to do yourself if you are an adventurous person. It could be a perfect way to create promotional videos.

2. Everywhere Will be Vlogging

Vlogging is one of the types of videos that are simple to play but challenging to overlook. Vlogging keeps growing with many additions over video sites like YouTube. Apart from YouTube, you can see widely accepted and quite popular vlogging sites such as Instagram, Snapchat too.

In some instances, IT services company vloggers have now started to convert their weekly or daily vlogging material into live broadcasts and create more professional videos that appear once a week or only once in a month on YouTube.

So now, it is up to you how you implement vlogging in your business. But one thing is clear that vlogging isn’t going anywhere in the upcoming years for sure.

3. Videos Go OTT

Without any cable and wire, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime (OTT) have established one of the best hubs of video content. Yes, eMarketers predict OTT subscribers to rise to 1977 million dollars by 2022.

In other terms, several businesses now make a profit from these networks by running some campaigns and targeting the audience with ads. For starters, OTT content is not only broadcast to desktops and mobile devices; but now it is also accessed through smart TVs, game consoles, including streaming boxes.

Furthermore, as most OTT platforms rely on algorithms to give users the most relevant content (and advertisements), this platform might include highly focused video content. So yes, there are some drawbacks, but it is comparatively extremely profitable.

4. Super Short Video Ads

With the introduction of YouTube’s 6-second “bumper” advertising, Google introduced a short video trend in 2016. This new format was not only designed to shorten attention, but short plus attractive videos also proved to be attention-grabbing.

So consequently, in 2020, these short videos craze is bursting like a volcano, and as an example, you can see short story type videos on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and as pop-up ads on YouTube too. However, now IT services companies are also enjoying the advantage of it.

5. Soundless Videos

Facebook launched a video autoplay feature a few years ago that allows users to stream without music. Also, this helped to prevent people from watching anything with the sound when they are in public. Just imagine! How awkward it would be if you suddenly heard a crying goat while you were traveling the train, no doubt everyone will be staring at you.

Therefore, it is not surprising that 92% of people view videos without sound while using their mobile devices. So it is a great idea to use captions or make videos that are easy to understand without any sounds.

Final Words

As depicted by the recent trends and speculations, video media is going to take a futuristic leap with the way we interact with digital platforms as we head towards the other end of 2020. These five factors along with other trailing ideas are going to pave bigger communication and service possibilities in the space. Besides, making it incredibly accessible and ever empowering for users to feed on the video content that streams across the digital networks.


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