Latest Pinterest Marketing Statistics for 2024: A Comprehensive Overview


Pinterest is still a Major player in the social media and digital marketing space, giving users a dedicated place to organize projects, find ideas, and be inspired. Organizations and marketers hoping to make the most of Pinterest marketing services as 2024 draws near must grasp the most recent facts and trends on the network.

The full report covers the major figures and developments on Pinterest for the year 2024

Pinterest User Profiles

The user base of Pinterest remains significant and diverse, encompassing an extensive range of demographics. The platform will have well over 480 million active monthly users by 2024. 70% of users, who make up the majority, identify as female. But in comparison to previous years, there is a rise in the majority of male users—men are now making up almost 30% of the total.

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User Behavior and Engagement

It’s well-known that Pinterest users have high levels of engagement. Every session, users spend 14.2 minutes on average browsing multiple boards or pins on the platform. It’s interesting to note that more than 85% of Pinterest users reach its website through a mobile device, highlighting the value of phone-friendly content.

Another significant behavior change is the intent-driven component of Pinterest using. Like users of other social networking sites, pinners actively seek inspiration and responses, which boosts their propensity to engage with brands and make purchases.

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Popular Categories and Trends

The popularity of certain Pinterest categories has increased in 2024. Though there are still a number of new trends worth noting, the most popular categories are still food, fashion, cosmetics, and home décor:

Global trends toward sustainability are reflected in the growing number of pins regarding eco-friendly living, sustainable fashion, and green house renovations.

Exercise plans, self-care practices, and wellness concepts are highly sought after as the importance of both physical and mental health continues to expand.

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Crafting and Do-It-Yourself: The group dedicated to do-it-yourself projects is still going strong, with members searching for ideas for Christmas and home décor projects in particular.

Adventure and tourism: As international tourism gets back up, Pinterest users are planning trips and seeking ideas, with a particular emphasis on unique and off-the-beaten-path locations.

Stories Pins and Video Content

Video programming is becoming more prevalent on Pinterest. Because they offer a more interactive and fun experience than static images, video pins are predicted to have greater engagement rates in 2024. Another tool that is becoming more and more popular is Story Pins, which allow users to create multi-page photos and movies. These formats allow brands to convey ideas or products in an engaging manner and tell longer, more detailed stories.

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Integrating E-commerce and Shopping

Pinterest continues to be a major player in the social media and digital marketing space.Thanks to substantial advancements in e-commerce feature integration, Pinterest users may now shop directly from the site. Shop the Look, Catalogs, and Buyable Pins are just a handful of the tools that have increased Pinterest’s usefulness for businesses and retailers. By 2024, over 85% of users will have used Pinterest to plan their purchases, and 55% of users will have made a purchase after seeing it there.

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Promotion and Enterprise Development

Pinterest provides a multitude of advertising solutions for businesses to achieve a variety of objectives, ranging from brand exposure to direct sales. Among the most common formats include Carousel Ads, Shopping Ads, and Promoted Pins. The platform’s unique visual search technology, which includes features such as Lens, enables users to find products in creative ways, increasing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

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Influencer Partnership

In 2024, influencer marketing on Pinterest is quite popular. Influencers on Pinterest who have a strong following and established credibility are becoming more and more popular partners for brands. Because influencers are able to really advocate for goods and concepts that appeal to their audience, these partnerships frequently lead to increased engagement and conversion rates.

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Prospects for the Future

In the future, Pinterest is anticipated to keep developing by adding new tools and features to improve user experience and commercial prospects. Enhancing search skills and tailoring material will probably be more dependent on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The platform’s emphasis on inclusivity and diversity is going to end in a wider user base along with more varied content.

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Users are required to have knowledge of all the statistics and trends of Pinterest in 2024 for the reason to optimize their effect on the platform. Pinterest presents special possibilities for businesses to engage in significant discussions with users because of its intent-driven and highly engaged user base. Companies may effectively engage with their target market and encourage growth by staying up to date with emerging trends and making use of the platform’s benefits. Pinterest is still a powerful tool in the field of digital marketing, whether it is used for influencer collaborations, relevant advertising, or compelling video content.


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